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Sexual Harassment Is Subjective and Uncontrollable

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Started: 11/27/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Sexual harassment is a subjective concept and can not be regulated. People do not know in advance what acts of theirs will be considered sexual harassment and what acts will not. So, there is no way for people to tailor their acts such that none are considered sexual harassment.


Saying that Sexual Harassment is uncontrollable,is complete and utter,bullcrap,it's not "uncontrollable"like you would say it. Sexual Harassment is controllable because it's not like when a guy sees a female,and thinks she's pretty,it's not like he's going to Sexually assault her out of no controll.
Debate Round No. 1


Con did not address the last two sentences of my opening argument.

It's not clear how Con goes from "a guy sees a female, thinks she's pretty, and does not 'sexually assault her out of no control'" to "sexual harassment is controllable." The guy's failure to "sexually assault her out of no control" may be uncontrollable. Con's example is too vague; Con uses the word "like" two times in discussing it.

Sexual harassment by one person of a second person is dependent on the second person's subjective opinion. The dependence is suggested by the third element located in (1). In the sense of that dependence, the first person is unable to control whether an act he or she performs constitutes sexual harassment of the second person.

Work Cited:
(1) "CRIMINAL HARASSMENT," revised January 2013, which is a model jury instruction for the Massachusetts District Court and is located at
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Posted by QuestionGuy 2 years ago
I see where Pro was going with this but it doesn't work in the real world, sexual harassment has a clear defined principle when it comes to the person being uncomfortable, any touch or words that are sexual in nature. everyone is different, but it doesn't matter what the instigator of the offense thinks, all that matters is....if what you are doing makes the other person feels sexually uncomfortable then it must be stopped immediately.

typically in the workforce, the instigator has to be confronted first before being reported otherwise people could make up lies
Posted by sara.anndee 2 years ago
@Throwback haha!
Posted by Throwback 2 years ago
It is controllable. I happen to know as a fact I have not sexually harassed anyone, ever, unless my wife counts.
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