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Sexuality should not be a part of the Olympics

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Started: 10/22/2013 Category: Society
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The Olympics is a perfect platform for politics and religion, but should it be? The Russian anti-gay law is wrong by any standard, but the Olympics should not be a platform for it or against it. The Olympics is not about any particular person's sexuality, and it seems to have cast a shadow over the whole event. I think that sexuality should not be an issue in the Olympics. Pro will be for the Olympics being neutral on sexuality and Con will be for sexuality being an issue. Whether you are gay or straight should not be brought into this event. It is no one's business but your own and should not be put on display.


Sexuality and sexual orientation was already an issue in athletic competition.

The lines of sexuality and gender are blurred beyond recognizing only male and female variations of people with different sexual orientation preferences; especially because of transgender and transsexual people, which are ideas that your position and case might also compatible with, however, the "rule-book" would still have to be rewritten to make exceptions for a sports competition like the Olympics as gender and sexuality are clearly defined to keep competition fair and prevent cheating.

It becomes an acute issue in athletic Olympic competition in cases where the female-male barrier is breached; allowing people with male bodies to compete with other athletes who have true female bodies and vice-versa.

Also brings up the issue of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for transsexuals, specifically, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Recent examples from Mixed-martial Arts (MMA) can be used to corroborate these kinds of ideas as they recently adopted Olympic style and level drug testing but have exceptions for TRT.

But then to try to graft these ideas onto a practical real world dilemma, like you have done for the Olympics, makes for a very fun and interesting case because it becomes hard to tie these ideas down even though it becomes necessary.

Example for the Olympics: A transgender person who has female neurology (has a female brain) but has a male body would have to compete against men considering how she is/was born. Technically she is a girl but has male parts, therefore, would have to compete against men. But because she has a female brain, her male body didn't develop to be masculine and would qualify for (HRT) which would then break the banned substance policies. And if she is truly a female with a male body, should she be allowed to compete against other females (her testicles don't produce much testosterone but certainly more than other true female athletes with female bodies) etc. ? Which still violates the current rules for the Olympics (which if you're for amending then that isn't exactly neutral).

Well, then you might want to say, "Hey, a transsexual isn't a homosexual.." right? --True, but there are combinations of all of the above mentioned; a transsexual-gay person for example (they really exist), etc.

So I don't think Pro can remain purely "neutral" on the topic, because either way, it becomes an issue -- it was already one in competitive athletics before the Russian debacle. So my personal feeling on this one is that everyone is wrong because we are still collecting data and details.
Debate Round No. 1


Con makes great points; and I apologize for confusing sexuality with sexual orientation. Whether someone is a male or a female is altogether a different debate. I am focusing on the gay rights issue that has overshadowed the 2014 Olympics. I do not believe it is relevant to make gay rights part of the Olympics. I am not against "Pride House", but why do so many people feel it should be there? Perhaps I do not fully understand.


Right, which is what I said that you would say. "Well, then you might want to say, "Hey, a transsexual isn't a homosexual.." right? --True, but there are combinations of all of the above mentioned; a transsexual-gay person for example (they really exist), etc."

What I'm saying is that you can't remain neutral on the subject, especially given Olympic rules for sex, gender, etc., because it's much more complicated then what everyone thinks.

Not to confuse the issue but as a rhetorical question to make my point: how would a transsexual person appear in their sexual orientation??? .....They appear as "gay" .....
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Posted by Dragonfang 5 years ago
Hahaha. Homosexuality advocates can transform anything into a platform, whether we like it or not.
Posted by alina3017 5 years ago
The Olympics is no place to make any stances on political views. It distracts from the main event, which would be the sports competitors. Sexuality has to do with sexual attraction, whereas the Olympics is a sports events. How do the two relate to each other at all?
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