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Sexy clothing on tweens/teens

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Started: 7/18/2017 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In the past women and girls dressed demurely,classy and modest.It empowered them to be the best version of themselves they could and encouraged peers and adults to take them seriously.When young girls reveal too much or wear especially racy clothing they are degrading their worth as just a body part closing gateways to learn about their personality intelligence etc.It is appalling to see twelve year olds in thongs at the beach and wearing tight booty shorts with their butt hanging out at school.Girls should dress in a way that reflect their personality,preppy ,bohemian,geeky,sporty,girly etc.However they should keep it modest.Many on the other side say that this is a sexist rule however women have more "private parts"then men(breasts)making it easier for an outfit to send the wrong message with plunging neckline.We should empower you girls through intelligence,valuable friendships not booty shorts and tight tops.Because girls and women have so much more to show the world then just skin.
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Posted by Forthelulz 2 years ago
RIP DDO bwoke and I couldn't post.
Posted by Bayple 2 years ago
The fact that you're judging women and their status based off of their appearance is disgusting and misogynistic. Female empowerment isn't telling them what to wear on hot days. You try shopping for long shorts as a woman. Sometimes we don't get much of a choice. There are plenty of women who are intelligent, respected, and happy wearing what they want. Also the fact that you're thinking of 13 year old girls sexually is disgusting. Don't sexualize children. It's not their fault their being sexualized at puberty. Female empowerment is being who you choose to be and not giving a rats behind of what others think. Stop trying to tell women what to wear and start telling society to stop sexualizing 13 year old girls and to stop judging them for wearing shorts in schools without AC.
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