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Shakespeare should be taught to students, starting at a younger age

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Started: 4/17/2014 Category: Education
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Just wondering what other peoples opinions are on this. I'm doing this for an English class and would like to get other peoples experiences on their school/ home life with Shakespeare. If you don't mind. I personally think that Shakespeare should be taught earlier, if anything to just help understand the language and history within his writing. Let me know your thoughts.


Shakespeare has a very difficult literary style. I can tell you that as a former student the vast majority despised reading Shakespeare. Not because the subject matter wasn't interesting, but because the prose and style of old English is enough to confuse the student to not care about what the subject matter is. Students at the college level or students who have a firm grasp on English wouldn't be deterred as much as your typical high-school student. Shakespeare has had a very important contribution but his work should only be read by those who are ready for the challenge.
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Vote Placed by EndarkenedRationalist 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Yeah...I'm going to go with CON on this one. Many students who read Shakespeare before they're ready would hate it and thus never be able to actually appreciate it. Reading it once they're able to comprehend it seems like a much better tack. In the future, PRO, I recommend having debates longer than one round. That way you can refute CON's points. Here, CON greatly benefits because his argument went unchallenged.

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