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Shelby Mustang or Camaro zl1

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Started: 1/21/2014 Category: Cars
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Mustangs are superior due to the fact that the 2013 Shelby GT500 has the most powerful production v8 in the word is less than $70,000 and is a legendary icon. the GT500 is the base model of Shelby innovations the Shelby super snake has 850hp and had a wide body kit with super wide tires to aid in handling. to top it off the Shelby 1000 is the king of them all with the 2013 edition topping 1200hp that is street legal. A mustang having this much power was Carrol Shelby's dream before he passed away. plus the Shelby mustangs are sexy.


Well, the ZL1 comes with launch control ofR01;its own, integrated into the race setting of the five-mode Performance Traction Management system. It, too, offers consistent launches, although experienced drivers can do better. Like we said, those tires make everything easier.
The Eagle F1s offered a good experimental control and helped to demonstrate how and why the ZL1 delivers a more involving driving experience than the Shelby. That this is an about-face from previous Camaro SS"versus"Mustang GT tests is not lost on us. The ZL1 feels more like the Cadillac CTS-V than one of the lesser Camaros. The steering responds to corners with properly modulated, steadily mounting weight, and the front end is more responsive than the Shelby"s. In the ZL1, all the controls are fine-tuned and well matched. The clutch is light and engages progressively throughout its travel. You can move the shift lever with your fingertips. In contrast to the Shelby, the Camaro does almost everything with more refinement and with more empathy for its driver. One"s a gorilla, the other"s a racehorse. Which one would you rather ride?
The Camaro is more comfortable, too; its magnetorheological shocks do a great job managing wheel impacts and overall ride stability. It"s also fairly quiet and transmits the deep engine rumble to the interior without other unwanted racket. The ZL1 delivers more of the sophistication expected of a $60,000 sports car than does the GT500.
Admittedly, creature comforts are not the primary aim of these cars, but the ZL1"s unstressed vibe enhances the driving experience. It"s more relaxed and approachable, and ultimately more fun to drive. R01;At Grattan, the Camaro"s front end seemed like it would never wash out, and a handy dose of trail braking quelled any understeer. The shocks and multilink rear suspension helped the ZL1 use more of R01;its power around the track. Going onto the main straight, the Camaro negotiated the final turn without scrubbing speed. Elsewhere, the linear throttle response that makes the Camaro feel relatively docile on the street helps to keep the car nudging softly against the edge of its handling limits. That the ZL1"s lap times are identical to the lighter and more powerful GT500"s shows how much more it does with less. R01;And our times were more consistent in the Camaro.
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