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Short Poetry battle

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Started: 5/9/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Poetry Battle. Make the shortest poem. 3 Rounds. 3 poems. Start at round one. 48 hours to create poem (in case of forgetfulness). Freestyle, can be made in any way you so desire, as long as it is technically a poem/song/masterpiece. Troll if you like, but with style and rhyme. I'll go first.

There once was a meadow, full of open trees and feathers.
The sky was dark as a pigeon, with the clouds getting sadder.
Let the seas ascend, to a never ending bend.
Whilst we dance with frozen cups, giving each other hugs.
There is no end, there never was, why, I see no light -
the sky! The sky! Oh joy! Now, we no longer need to fight.

Thus, the fishes swim, and we die a happy death.


A sky like this, it holds nay a meaning
The only purpose that I can see
Is only a purpose meant for me
You will show me the images you behold
But to me their stories remain untold
The stories of prosper you speak of so fondly
Are to me a series of troubles that show no lining of silver
I wish the fighting could stop you know
Your sky sounds perfect in my world so low
But I can only listen to your successes and glee

While I wallow in my world of me

Debate Round No. 1


The breakeven point in the sky rips apart, the ground below shakes their hearts.
The silly wanderers loose themselves with a toy, at a folded bay.
And the giant, seemingly bold, seemingly wise, she tells them to stop.
All the wanderers turn around, weeping, for they don't have a say.
But we're just having fun, they plead, spinning and shifting like sand.
The giant stops them and they are caught in a thunderous, echoing yell.
The wanderers weep again as they are trapped in the giant's hand.
Their playtime is over,, their skin touched, and their heads bang each other like bells.
The giant leaves, the scolding has ended. And the wanderer's hearts, broken.


Who is this giant? The one so large and proud.
She implores a feeble one to chastise.
She seeks a being who folds when her voice gets loud.
A wanderer with not a blush of guilt.
Will be scolded to a listless submission.
For doing nothing more than giving her a listen.
A listen to a giant's roaring shout.
That shatters his heart and soul.
Leaving in the spirit a gaping hole.

Debate Round No. 2


She sweeps the floor with a gentle grace.

And the earth rumbles like a full belly.

She cooks a meal with a cunning taste

And the trees wobble like jelly.

She washes me with unconditional love.

The brimming tides and ocean engulf the shore.

She tells me she loves me. no matter what, okay?

And lightning splits the mountains like the god, Thor.

She hugs me and I say to her, Happy mother's day.


There is but a single being to fill the void

But she has left me

A single person who will always care

But she is not here

The one I will seek peace in times of fear

But she cannot be found

A mom who loves her son

She exists, but not with me

I would say "Happy Mothers Day"

But there is no one to accept the phrase

Debate Round No. 3
2 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Posted by AlexanderOc 7 years ago
Yeah, it was fun. I just figured the battle part meannt our poems had to conflict in a way.
Posted by Speakerfrthedead 7 years ago
I forgot to thank you pro for accepting this debate. I hope you had fun. See you later. (p.s. I liked the contrast you made between your poem and mine. They fit together)
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