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Short Story Challenge

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Started: 10/22/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Greetings. In this debate we will be having a short story contest. Here are the rules:
- In round 1, PRO will give three topics from CON to choose from.
- In round 1, CON will give three topics from PRO to choose from.
- In round 2, PRO will announce his chosen topic as given by CON and GIVE A BRIEF PROLOGUE to the story to build dramatic effect.
- In round 2, CON will do the same as above.
- In round 3, PRO and CON will complete their respective short stories.

- Everything stays the same except:
- Best Argument = Best Story
- Sources = Rhetoric
- Conduct = Relevance to topic

- Fantasy
- Historical Fiction
- Suspense


I thank my opponent for starting this debate.

I will announce my choice in round 2 like Pro specified, for this round I offer Pro these choices to write a short story from.

- Political Intrigue
- Adventure
- Rival's

by Rival's I mean a story that has to do with Rivals in some way no restriction beyond that, it could be about there competitiveness for example, or how they come to a truce, or how one wins, ect.

If my opponent feels that's to specific a story Topic though to count for this debate and feels that I need to give three 'real' topics then please request so in the comment section so that I may provide something more general in place of 'Rivals'

Other than that I await round 2 and wish good luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


I wish, in response, good luck to my opponent.
I have chosen the topic of Rivals.


Alayna Morrison had always been "that smart girl." She excelled in every subject, and was at the top of every list involving education. She had always been quiet, resigned, the girl that sat in the back of the class, by herself, doing her homework and classwork to perfection. Her life was about education, her parents expected the best from her, from the smallest assignment to the biggest exam.

Ginger Falls had always been the opposite; never known for her brains, but very pretty, and known for her cheerleading ability. She was loud, rambunctious and ever-popular. She relied on copying others and expecting her tutors to do her homework for her in order to keep her grades high enough to appease the cheerleading coaches. She was the classic bully, picking on anyone with less popularity than her.

Her favorite target? Alayna Morrison.

But that was before Reese Young moved into their town. He was cute, popular, and an amazing football player. He was always flirting with the cheerleaders, but no one understood why he went to the library every day to study with Alayna, the nerdy girl. He and Alayna quickly became friends, and much to Alayna's chagrin, this brought her into the spotlight of the school.

The week before homecoming, Ginger realizes that Reese is more interested in Alayna than her, and decides to do something about it.


Nice prologue fallenforyou. I have chosen the topic fantasy, and have even got a title to go with my short story if that's okay.

The Ghost Kid

Prologue of ‘The Ghost Kid':

Ethan Hamil is an intelligent, but quite young high school sophomore. In fact, he is a little be more than just quite; Ethan does very little to make himself noticed, and he did not interact with others very much. Its not that he didn't want too, but he would just get so nervous. He often talked himself out of stuff. In fact, a good example of this occurred the day his life took a turn for the weird….

Ethan decided to stop and get lunch at the local Graffiti's. After he sat down he noticed at a table across the room, his current secret crush, Emily Green, was eating there with a friend also. Emily was everything he wished he lived up to, an active person in anyone's sense of the word active.
‘maybe I should try and talk to her here' Ethan thought. ‘but what will I say, or talk about…' he thoughts began with this in telling himself it would be a dumb thing to try and talk to her. But he secretly didn't just want to accept that, ‘maybe I'm just making excuses for myself…' but before he could work himself up anymore than that Emily and her friend had already finished there lunch and left.

There was a man in the dark corner table behind him he hadn't notice. The man was wearing a dark cloak. Ethan only noticed him now because the shady figure spoke to him. ‘why didn't you talk to that girl' the man said inquisitively, not in a mocking or accusatory manner. Ethan had thought he had not stared at her while she was there but this man thought he new something. "which girl?" Ethan said without emotion. "the one you wanted to talk to" It seems the man wouldn't tell what gave Ethan away. Ethan decided to go ahead and answer his question though ‘Cause it's not easy too' Ethan figured he found it easier to talk to this man because he didn't know him and if he said something embarrassing he wouldn't see him again.
‘Sure it is, just look at that boy do it' Ethan looked at the where he was pointing and it was the TV in the corner, it was playing a cartoon, Danny Phantom, and the hero was asking a girl out.
Ethan just rolled his eyes "He's got superpowers"
‘Well that doesn't make any difference'
‘Yes it does, he has power that makes him confident enough to get in the literal line of fire, so he easily would get confidence to do so figuratively.'
Ethan figured the man couldn't argue against that after he was silent for a moment. But then he said.
‘So if I gave you that kid on the televisions powers you think you would be confident enough to do something like talk to that girl?'
Ethan was confused at this question, ‘well, if you could do something like that and did, then yes'
‘Oh I can, do you want me too?' the man asked.
‘What, how?' Ethan asked.
‘That's not important; do you want me to give you those powers?"
Ethan didn't actually believe him but said ‘well yeah' anyway because it was fun pretending it was true. The man grabbed his hand and closed his eyes. Ethan heard a strange noise from the tv and when he turned to look at it he saw it flicker, but the rest of the power in the building was steady. Ethan got this strange warm feeling then the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. The man let go and said ‘Done!'
The waitress came to give the tab, Ethan paid it and was about to ask more question but when he turned back to speak to the man he had vanished.

Ethan left a little unnerved by that event after that. He drove home, and by the time he was in the driveway he had reasoned that the man he met was crazy and must have left in a maniac rush when he wasn't looking. But as he was getting out of the car he paused. What if…. Ethan couldn't help but push his hand on the roof of the car and see if it would go through. To Ethan's amazement, it did!

Is this real!? If it is does he have all the powers of the hero from the cartoon!? And if so what is Ethan going to do with them!?
Debate Round No. 2


fallenforyou forfeited this round.


The conclusion of ‘the ghost kid':

As the weeks went by Ethan had experimented and come to learn these powers where real. He could become invisible, go through wall, fly, hover, and blast ecto plasma. He found little use for the ecto-blast ability, and he found that he took the most to invisibility and intangibility.
The intangibility he actually didn't use to go through walls that much, but rather just to further complement the power of invisibility, so that if he was hiding in plain sight and someone might walk into him they would just walk through.
Ethan wasn't sure why he decided to hide so much, of course he didn't tell himself he was hiding, he was ‘avoiding small talk' in conversations he didn't need to have where he might embarrass himself. He had always been few in words for that reason, making sure to say no more than absolutely needed, but now even less would be needed of him to say if people don't see him to start conversation with in the first place.
He progressively started doing this more, going intangible and invisible when no one where no one could see and leave off on his own. However, his habit of doing this didn't truly grow until the day he went invisible as Emily walked by.
He had already become invisible when she came in view of the locker banks. Ethan wasn't quite sure what he would do now that he had these powers. He knew the man that gave them to him seemed to do so with an interest that he actually talk to her, but he still didn't know what to say, and he had already gone invisible, it would be weird if he just appeared in mid-air out of nowhere,…But he did want to try, maybe he could now that he had these powers. So Ethan followed her (invisible) for a while hoping to see an opportunity to become visible again in a nearby spot where he wouldn't be seen doing that, and also maybe he would know what he would say by the time that happened.
Well a few locations he did pass he thought he might be able to go visible again without being caught be he was still unsure of what he would say, and didn't use any of them. Eventually she had gotten on her bus and was taken home. Ethan missed his but that was okay he could fly.
The next few days he tried to work up the nerve again, but always ended up just kind of stalking her as a ghost. He didn't feel to bad about that though its not like he followed her into the bathroom (though he had thought about how he could go in there now he hadn't dare do it yet). As he overshadowed her he couldn't help but watch the things she did, listen to the people she was talking to, or take note of the places her schedule brought her. He had known she was active, and now Ethan was getting to see those clubs or groups she was in that he had always thought about joining but talked himself out of. It was kind of fun discovering what these clubs were actually like if you went to them. They didn't know he was there of course since he was invisible.
After about 2 weeks of overshadowing Emily, Ethan realized she was already dating, so he knew there was no point in trying now, yet he still kept ghost following her for some reason. And even more odd, eventually he started ghost following her boyfriend, and later on some of his friends, and so on until one day he could take to following about anyone, but he usually stuck with some of his favorites that he found the most fun to be around, who did the coolest things with there lives.
After Graduation and Ethan moved out on his own the people that knew him stopped seeing him. When asked about him and what happened to him they answer like ‘oh, Ethan I remember him, I'm not sure what happened to him he was around less during his senior year and he kind of just faded out of my life'

Somewhere at the gates of Heaven…..
The shady figure that gave Ethan his powers stormed up to one of the archangels with a confused and frustrated look on his face, he knew he had somehow messed up somehow, surely he wouldn't get his wings anytime soon but he wanted to know why!
‘Clarence, I don't understand. When I spoke to that boy hoping to encourage him to live his life, his reasoning was sound I thought, He gave an excuse for why in that particular moment it was too difficult for him to live and I took that excuse away from him. Yet it has become far worse now that I gave him a super-hero's powers. Why did it not give him confidence and why did he start following people who did not matter to him? I thought he was trying to work up the nerve to talk to the girl when he started doing that but I realized I must be mistaken when he followed others.'
Clarence gave the angle in training a patient look. And then explained
‘Just because you remove an excuse they give at the time doesn't mean they cant make another, and giving a persons more gifts, talents, or powers than they have naturally to begin with is not what changes there character. Ethan would act the same with extra powers as he would with only the ones he was born with.' Clarence paused for the angle in training to soak that in before answered his second question.
‘When a human watches a James Bond film, if you watch them close you might see them get caught up in it. Though it is just a story, and actors pretending to do something, it does not matter to the watcher. Through the movie hero they vicariously feel like they are living that in some small degree, just by watching it. They of course have to return to there lives when the film is over and this kind of enjoyment of the film is harmless. However by giving Ethan those powers you removed that factor that would keep him going back to his own life. Ethan found he could vicariously live his through others by just watching real people as if they were a TV program to follow and watch.'
"We will send other better trained than you to try and stop this but if Ethan continues to live as he does vicariously through others, he may be doomed to live a ghost of a life as a literal ghost.'

The end
Debate Round No. 3
13 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Marauder 8 years ago
wjm, as long as the 2 opponents are posting things that are going to be compared, the format of this sites debate system is surprisingly flexible.
besides its not like debate cannot be started afterwords in a thread or the comment section to complain about why no one voted for your story and explain why they are being illogical in there preference.

But I do agree with you anyway, it would be better for the short story challenge and more in with the spirit of this site if there was a 4th and 5th round for critique of opponents story and then defense from opponents critique.
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
The "voter's decide" concept is contrary to debate. Debate involves disagreement and refutation, not just the presentation of two ideas. This topic would be a debate if the two sides had argued which was better. In fact, it would be preferable to publish the story in a separate website (such as a blog) and then dedicate the entire rounds to argumentation.
Posted by wush 8 years ago
I quite enjoyed Marauder's story. it had a good plot although if i were to make some constructive feedback i would say
you didn't seem to use much rhetorics and you had far too much dialogue
but all in all it was a good story
Posted by fallenforyou 8 years ago
Go ahead and insult me. If any of you knew me in real life, not just on the internet, you might understand how busy i am. It wasn't a commitment. It was fun.
Posted by sherlockmethod 8 years ago
You have a life? Tell me you can do better than that. When a person takes a commitment, whether an online debate or any other, that person should honor the commitment or, simply, apologize. I have had to miss rounds and apologize, but I don't make implications that those who honor commitments have no life. You don't have to "sit around your computer screen" to make an effort to respond to a debate you started. Silly.
Posted by Marauder 8 years ago
well it's not like you had 3 days. oh wait....

I have life too that I keep pretty busy with but even I can make the longest 3 day deadline this sites debates allow.
Posted by fallenforyou 8 years ago
I'm sorry I have a life and forgot.
My entire life is not spent around a computer screen, i have other more important things to do.
my appologies.
Posted by Marauder 8 years ago
Ah fudge, another noob that only joined long enough to post one round to debate with.
Posted by fallenforyou 8 years ago
okay fair enough
credit for the conditions goes to
who gave me explicit permission to (more like ordered me to) use them.
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 8 years ago
ha ha! Fallen thought so much of your idea that the conditions are eactly the same. :P
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Vote Placed by Koopin 8 years ago
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Vote Placed by fallenforyou 8 years ago
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