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Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Started: 11/10/2015 Category: Health
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I believe abortion should be legal. There are many facts to support the fact of why abortion should be legal. When explained in detail, I hope I can be successful in persuading you for a better cause.
First of all, the most important fact is: The US Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a "fundamental right" guaranteed by the US Constitution. As stated within the Constitution, it gives "a guarantee of certain areas or zones of privacy", and that this statement is broad enough to support a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.
Secondly, reproductive choice empowers women by giving them control over their own bodies. The choice over when and whether to have children is central to a woman's independence and ability to determine her future.
Thirdly, and lastly, at least for now, babies should not come into the world unwanted. Unintended pregnancies are associated with birth defects, low birth weight, maternal depression, increased risk of child abuse. Also in addition, lower educational attainment, delayed entry into prenatal care, high risk of physical violence during pregnancy, and reduced rates of breastfeeding. The most important fact here I should state is: 49% of all pregnancies among American women are unintended.

(Tips, advice, criticism, anything. This is my first time, and I need all the help I can get!)


Is murder acceptable? No, any sane person will tell you that. The main question for pro-choicers is a simple one: When does life begin? For the majority of the pro-life crowd, it is at the point of conception. This is a set time. The pro-choice crowd will give you 6 months, for example. What's the difference between 5 months and 29 days and 6 months and 1 day? It is an extremely minimal difference. As long as the pro-choice crowd cannot give a set day for the start of life, then how can they say it is not murder? Let's say you think life starts when the baby comes out of the womb. Isn't it the same as it was in the womb? The pro-choice position is almost indefensible when the concept of life is brought in. The issue of abortion shouldn't be viewed as a fight over rights and freedom. It should instead be seen as a moral argument. Can we really deal with the fact that we are ending life? It makes it even worse that the fetus is defenseless. There is a great documentary called the Silent Scream. It goes, in detail, through the process of abortion from the fetus' perspective. After watching this documentary, you learn that the fetus has a heart beat. It has feelings. It is a human. It is ALIVE. When the doctor goes in there to tear up the fetus do you know what happens? The fetus lets out a scream. if anything, this shows that the fetus feels, has a working heart, and can move. How isn't it human?
Debate Round No. 1


You have some fair points in that discussion, but let me state a few rebuttals.
Do you have any proof that supports fetuses "let out a scream"? According to a 2010 review by Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, "most neuroscientists believe that the cortex is necessary for pain perception." The cortex does not become functional until at least the 26th week of a fetus' development, long after when most abortions are done.
Plus, abortions may be better in some cases. Pregnancy and birthing a baby can cause many risks to the woman. Factors like age and overall health can increase complications during pregnancy. Let's delve in deeper into some of these risks.
Women under the age of 20 have a significantly higher risk of serious medical complications related to pregnancy than those over 20. Children born to teenage mothers are more likely to:
  • deliver prematurely
  • have a low birth weight
  • develop placenta previa
  • experience pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • contract toxemia

Some risk factors attributed to young age is underdeveloped pelvis, high blood pressure, and nutritional deficiences.

With women over the age of 35, common issues are the following: underlying conditions, chromosonal problems, misscarriages, and other complications.

Women who are obese are at a higher risk than normal-weight women of having babies with some birth defects, including spina bifida, heart problems, hydrocephaly, and cleft palate and lip. Women who weigh less than 100 pounds are more likely to deliver prematurely or give birth to an underweight baby.


A woman who has an STI is very likely to transmit it to her baby.

There are many more complications and issues that could happen during pregnancy, that I would love to delve into, but that about sums up my reasoning as to why abortion should be legal.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MizzEnigma 3 years ago
- Make sure to provide sources for your claims. Otherwise, your opponent could dismiss it as mere opinion.
- You could try formatting it in a next debate. There are general ones you can find in some of the debates.
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