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Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Started: 1/5/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I will argue that Abortion should not be legal. The opponent will argue that it should be legal.
Debate Structure
Round One- Agree upon definitions if any, and accept debate rules
Round Two- Present arguments without rebuking what the opposing debater argued. So if I presented my argument first, you cannot rebuke the points that I made in your.
Round Three- NOW you can finally rebuke opposing arguments made by your opponents in Round Two.
Round Four- Defend your round 2 arguments WITHOUT introducing any new arguments.

Abortion: The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.



Though I'm not pro-choice/abortion in the slightest, I plan to play Devil's Advocate. I will argue that abortion ought to remain how it is currently, legal. Because my opponent is arguing for a shift in the status quo, the BOP lies with him. He must prove that it ought to be outlawed. I must simply uphold the status quo, but I will present my own arguments as well.

Also, another important definition:

Legal: conforming to or permitted by law or established rules [1]

With this, I now accept this debate and look forward to an enlightening discussion.

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Posted by jzonda415 1 year ago
@Faust I didn't concede. My personal views have nothing to do with this debate. I'm playing Devil's Advocate, that's all. Unless I say, "My opponent wins, I forfeit", then I haven't conceded whatsoever.
Posted by FaustThe21st 1 year ago
If I was Con I'd feel pretty good right now, pro just conceded the argument and said that he is anti - abortion. It doesn't matter if you want to play devil's advocate, you still lose as soon as you concede
Posted by Starfleet 1 year ago
John_C_1812, your reply to my position is so convoluted, that it doesn't make much sense. From what I was able to gather, you base your position that abortion should be illegal on something called "State of the Union"; are you referring to the speech that the President makes every two years, or to some legal precedent that is part of the U.S. Constitution? I looked up if abortion, under any current laws, is a federal offense; I didn't find anything that backs up your claim. Since your entire premise is based on a non-existent document, then your argument seems to fall apart. Please provide a link or something that proves that abortion is illegal.
Posted by John_C_1812 1 year ago
A State of the Union. The union between Basic principle and Legal Precedent held within the basic understanding of Constitution. The State of this union tells us it is missing a clear choice expressed by how it is seen by witnesses.

Abortion is a confession to a felony crime, it is not should a confession be legal. The State of this union moves so it is when is a confession legal?
Can a woman have a right to a crime and confess self-defense?
Does a woman have a right to place the burden of confession to a crime on others?
Is a woman providing a State Licensed Doctor with the common defense of self-defense with agreeing to abortion?

Can the judicial States offer the common defense to the person that State granted license too?
This is an example Abortion or Gender Specific Amputation.
Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
Pro has violated the format of this debate. I'd request reinstatement if I were Con.
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