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Should Abortion be Illegal?

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Started: 11/30/2017 Category: Politics
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Abortion should be outlawed except in cases when the Mom or the child are sick and will die due to birth. I have this position because it is quite obvious to see that abortion involves the murder of a human being. According to life begins at fertilization, so after that the fetus is technically considered a human. And it is illegal to kill a innocent human being in america. Instead of abortion, people should consider adoption. At adoption centers you are still loved and cared for and supported and you can also find new parents. Doesn't just putting your child up for adoption sound more reasonable than ending the life of a human being?


ok first of all let me just say that i had a child 3 months ago and gave him up for adoption so this may be a little personal with me. Let me tell you though i wouldn't wish that on anyone people who say oh you can just give the baby up for adoption have no idea what it's like to give a child up and the emotional scars that last for the rest of your life not to mention the stigma society places on birthmothers.

Second of all i don't believe life starts at conception after fertilization i.e sperm and egg meet it takes 12-14 days for the embryo to implant into the mothers womb this is when miscarriage is most likely to occur many women don't even know there pregnant yet. We don't know exactly when babies become viable most experts agree around 24 weeks however there's no evidence that the baby is sentient or can feel pain at that point.

I don't believe in late term abortion unless for emergency situations however i can't really saywhat the cut off point should be until we have proof babies are babies at a certain point we can't say for sure
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