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Should African-Americans start a Mirco-Nation?

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Started: 7/14/2016 Category: People
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Although "Whites" make up Police Killings, Police Brutality appears to be targeted more towards "Blacks" in America. If African-Americans believe this to be a race issue - or believe violence is being targeted more towards them, would it make clear sense for them to make a nation of their own so they can govern their own law and citizens?

Separating yourself from a violent country for a peaceful nation seems like the better option; and since the majority of African-Americans want to "attack" the next time they see a cop brutalize again, instead of warring on themselves, making a nation will give them a reason to declare war if the U.S wants to attack them.

Although Black On Black crime is bad, would it be beneficial for U.S citizens who want to lower down the violence in their own country? U.S residents can even aid the new African-American nation, but that's only if they need our help.

Furthermore, because it is said that African-Americans have no history, and instead of moving to Africa to adapt to those cultures, making a nation will give them the chance to create something for themselves. There is a lot of African-Americans - some will vote no, the majority are lazy. But that shouldn't stop at least one African-American from claiming land if they truly believe they are being attacked.


This seems like an extreme step. I also do not believe that this would be practical. For example how would you decide where this nation would be and how would you aquire and run it. It would be much simpler to solve this problem within the US. I'm sorry I don't have sources I hope you don't mind.
Debate Round No. 1


Extreme times call for extreme steps. The reason why African-Americans should create their own nation is too avoid more violence; African-Americans feel personally attacked already, and some will lash out, causing others to follow and bringing more violence, when all they want is security. By fighting a power who already sees them as violent, they should work on their behavior before they can pass judgement.

African-Americans can encourage communication amongst one another; everyone will know who their neighbor is, and if a crime is committed they can easily point out who did it. Since they are treated as good neighbors, crime will drop if they help one another for certain situation; you shouldn't have to steal from a group of people who will work on helping you. In addition, a police force is nearly non-existent in the Mirco-Nation because of the process of monitoring people, even if they become violent among one another, the others will step in and restrain them from committing a crime. If a person gets a pardon for their crime, everyone must consent.

They can easily claim land that is populated by their people, if everyone can consent being in the nation, that land can become a border: Cities can be claimed and woodland can be claimed. You can also have treaties with companies or have people donate to a growing nation; necessarily the Mirco-Nation doesn't have to pop off as a full recognized country. Until the seed doesn"t need any more caring, it will grow independently into a tree. People don"t necessarily have to be one Mirco-Nation either; if their areas are scattered people will have more Varity to choose from, and just because they are different, that doesn"t mean they won"t help each other. Just like Countries, Nations can help other Nations. People can start by street names, or their very homes to get started.

The nation can work on a rural lifestyle, and can use exchange amongst one another for currency; but that doesn"t necessarily mean you can"t have United States" currency; it just won"t have any value within the nation. You can have schools, and you can send your kids across the world for schooling; so people can learn outside the nation and bring in knowledge to benefit themselves. Taxes are paid in people getting together to fix a problem because they are all responsible.

Cattle raising and farming will be encouraged for better health (especially when African-Americans play a part in obesity) and to give younger generations responsibility. Natural water systems are encouraged, and the nation can make treaties with water companies as well. Electricity can be generated and treaties can be made. Forms of Religion will be encouraged to be accepted so as violence does not ensue; Everyone"s view must be humble and must agree that although they disagree, violence will not ensue.

If a large group of people want something, they'll eventually be noticed. Once everyone see African-American's making a nation based around peace after the brutality in the U.S, and although there are disagreements, more groups of people will want to join in by giving them what they want; which is peace. A Motto, a flag, and a national anthem aren"t hard to attain, and building the nation away from a country takes work, but isn"t impossible.

We have 10 Mirco-Nations in the U.S; none of them are made by and for African-Americans.


You have some very good points though I think they might be unrealistic, for example when you say that there will be little need for police because everyone will keep each other in line seems impossible to work 100% of the time it is also not exclusive to a micro nation it could be implemented in communities in the US as well. I also do not believe that this situation is as extreme as people think especially when compared to previous situations that are similar. The only reason it seems so is because of the internet and social media, in the past the country has worked through these problems together and it is important that we do the same now. This country can't be great if people do not give it a chance to change and fix it's problems.
Debate Round No. 2


The majority of African-Americans actually think this is a racial war because they feel they are targeted, and thus will be violent, not because they think this is just a Poor-Policing job, but racism too. Being poor certainly plays a part for everyone as well.

I'm taking their side because I'm basically saying . . . The ones who are willing to kill a certain group of people need to separate from that group of people before it actually be forced as a race war. The U.S will not interfere with African-American's building themselves a Mirco-Nation (that can allow people of all color to enter) because they are supposed to build it for peace and a protest against "Blacks" being more brutalized by cops.

Example: (3 hours)

Black-On-Black crime influences how cops handle encounters with "Blacks" and since the U.S is focused on all issues, they can't solve it faster because their main focus is scattered to all crime. If a group of people handled their Self-On-Self crimes along with policing, it not only helps the U.S, but that group of people when it comes to law enforcement.

The reason why it must be a Nation for African-Americans instead of a group is because they must be taken seriously by their own people. This day and age we will not let a war go down because of difference, and if a group of people are being Non-Violent in their differences and want to separate, and even accept the people they disagree with, good on them because they agreed not to be violent with their differences.

Groups like BlackLivesMatter would rather march in the streets for what a cop of lighter skin did to a person of darker skin, as if it justifies them for not marching for the constant Black-On-Black crime. It is important we know who our police are and train them well, but we can't treat them differently; this is a "senseless violence" issue, but the Majority of African-Americans think this "race war" has gone on far enough.

Example: (9 minutes)

They should separate into a nation to better themselves to avoid high rates of violence, not separate because of race. What the U.S needs is more filter communities. "Blacks" just happen to protest a lot about unfairness in the court system and blame it on them being dark, when they can help by painting themselves in a new image by forming a permanent border where "No violence" is practiced. While they have a utopia guaranteed for fairness, they can work on other crimes as well.

African-Americans state they have no history because of slavery (no African surnames) and because they have no idea of their tied Nationality (Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia--) A Micro-Nation for African-American violence would not fit well in a Country in Africa, because the country has its own identity. But that shouldn't stop anyone from doing it, because it is a Mirco-Nation that practices filtering crimes one at a time, while a Country is require to do a lot of other things.

I'm taking their side to give good points, but myself personally believe this can be done peacefully, but won't be done because the "Aggressive" African-Americans are the ones who will find a way to make this about race, and the Non-Violent ones can't influence everyones' programmed mentality. Although it shouldn't stop anyone from doing what's right, people from other groups can come in and start it for African-Americans (and others), but then blacks will complain that they don't have enough spotlight in making history.

We're dealing with a lot of mentally traumatized people here. Myself is labeled African-American, but I want blacks to start taking responsibility, they shouldn't start a hate war because a cop accidentally kills someone "black". But separating seems a lot less violent when they can prove everyone wrong that they can change things around here. Of course if they succeed, criminals lose more points, and if they fail, they won't even be a nation, just another violent city the U.S is blamed for.
- - - - -[Side Note]
I understand you probably don't want to continue this debate, but I wanted to know if there were points against the argument of forming a Nation in protest, other than it'll be a race war, since it will more than likely happen as poor people with dark skin become more paranoid.


I am going to continue my argument by saying that forming a nation in protest would be much more difficult than other forms of protest, in my opinion protesting is mainly used to draw attention to the problem, while forming a nation would draw a lot of press the original problem still wouldn't be solved for many and the founding fathers of the new nation would have to focus on other problems specific to their nation. There will be no easy answer to solving racism and violence but I believe it can only be solved by connecting with others and working together.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
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2 points to Pro (Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Pro is the only one to use sources, point goes to pro.

[*Reason for removal*] Sources are insufficiently explained. The voter has to establish that the sources are reliable, and not just that only one side has them.
Posted by Young-Observer 2 years ago
Although forming nations is a form of peaceful separation: Coral Sea Islands, Principality of Freedonia, etc (until some bully comes and attacks them they can still hold them accountable individually) and it will make a lot of people feel more secure, and they can help the U.S filter crime by focusing on their community (which they've been saying for years) This "race war" is going to happen, but no one should complain if it appears racist, because we should've been working on who's in our communities doing crime and helping those who are poor as Americans. If you happen to see a lot of people of the same color punished from policing, its not just "racism", but it has appeared that way for dark skin people. >.>

I vote a Tie; but I really appreciate Bart1-18's input!
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Screw it, start the race war (that is what you are saying, blacks starting their own country) and see who wins. I want peace but your arguments make it seem as if you want war. So screw it, go to war.

There are many black run nations in the world. Go there and enjoy their governments. Oh, you prefer to be in the US? Then stay here. There is no middle ground of creating your own government here in the US.

A long time ago people tried to take part of the US and make their own country. They were slavers and got beaten. Now you want to do what they did?

OK do it. I am tired of this crap. This PC society has gone too far. So do it. Try to make your own country. Try to take land from the US and make your own country. Do it.
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