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Should America adopt a (centrist) central government or party?

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Started: 5/9/2017 Category: Politics
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Should America adopt a (centrist) central government and a party that consists of both Liberal and Conservative views and traditions? Think about it, our nation is divided greatly, there are riots going everywhere due to the extremism of both the Democratic and Republican party. If a nation has enough internal conflict going on inside it then problems and consequences such as civil war, revolutions, and foreign invasions are possible. Do you want to perish or become divided and conquered like the civilizations of the past? Do you care about the livelihood of this nation and its people? Do you want a totalitarian power like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union ruling this country and dictating how you live your life? Do you want America and every it stands for to disappear due to ignorance?


I accept your challenge. I'm posting this to get the debate started since it's telling me to "post my debate" and you didn't say the first round is for "accepting challenge only."


I agree that both the Republican and Democratic parties have failed to even address (let alone solve) the most serious issues facing America today. However, a "centrist" (or moderate) party would also fail to solve these problems. Radical, swift change is necessary, and whether it comes in the form of the "Left" or the "Right" doesn't really matter. People either need to openly acknowledge the issues that threaten our survival and embrace the sacrifices they must make in order to build a sustainable future, or continue on the path they"re on until the situation to self corrects. A centrist political party would only postpone the inevitable, thereby making the crash (when it happens) far more devastating for everyone.

Centrism is comforting, and the idea that opposing parties in any situation can ultimately come to a compromise is seductive. "Meeting someone in the middle" works well with family members, friends and neighbors; in some instances, it may even work for social issues (like transgender bathrooms, homosexual marriage, and abortion). However, there are issues for which there are no easy answers, and in order for some conflicts to be resolved, one party must completely and definitively beat the other. This is especially true when a population has wildly different environmental, economic, and social values, as is the case with America today. There is no "give and take" solution for issues like economic inequality, peak oil, global warming, topsoil loss, or pollution; these issues are either resolved or our future is poisoned.

Centrist political movements are driven by fear and a desire to avoid conflict instead of a willingness to face and resolve issues. Because of this, they end up supporting the status quo " which is really whatever group has the most power. Ironically, this creates a breeding ground for the kind of radical ideology and social inequality that leads to civil unrest. I"d argue that American politics has actually been centrist for decades, and that"s what"s led to today"s turbulent political climate.
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I understand that the Centrist route may not be for everyone, but is there any other way to unite America? Usually, in desperate times, people try to find a way to either survive or fix the problems in their nation. Remember how the civil war started? That ripped the country apart and possibly left it exposed to foreign hostile nations. Look at what's going on these days in this country. Both sides are constantly fighting each other and focusing their attention outside of the country. We need a party that focuses all of its attention on America first. You can't police and fix the rest of the world's problems, you have to fix the problems at home first before you do anything else.
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