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Should America be taught Canadian History?

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Started: 2/22/2014 Category: Education
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In Canada, students are taught about American history at high school and university levels. Canadian students learn that events such as the American Revolution and actions of the 13 Colonies, before Independence, are crucial to Canadian history. Such is the same for American history. Canadians owe a chunk of their history to America, and in turn America owes a part of its history to Canada. So why is it that American history is taught in Canadian schools and universities, but Canadian history is not taught in American schools? Thoughts?


I disagree with the notion that Americans should learn Canadian History. I will base my reasoning on a couple of key points...

A. Canadian history has very little to do with American history, besides british naval courts and Quebec's refusal to join the United States.

B. Canada has little important history. They fought in a couple of Indian wars, but for most of their existence they were just a protectorate of the UK.

C. We have little to gain from Canadian history as they have hardly participated in it. They have mostly kept to themselves.

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Posted by Krazzy_Player 6 years ago
Jifpop next time post some thing instead of dots.
Posted by Seeginomikata 6 years ago
It's important for each country to know whatever they can about their neighbors, even if just for mutual understanding.
Posted by ararmer1919 6 years ago
I learned about Canadian history in my school. Just a broad overall glance but we still studied it.
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