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Should Anime be Banned?

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Started: 6/1/2021 Category: Society
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I say yes. It leads to men becoming incels, And some anime is very sick/degenerate and it seems to promote pedophilia. In order to get young men off their computer, And out of the basement and into the sunlight we need to ban anime. All they do is "fap" all day long and it leads to low testosterone, Obesity, Acne, Being an incel and in some cases, Pedophilia.


Hi, Thank you for setting up this debate.
As an anime lover, I think I will defend the anime-loving community. Some animes I believe should be banned, Like the ones that support pedophilia, Or the ones that contain sex-scenes or nudity. Other than that I don't really see a problem with anime - I mean if ppl "F4P" to anime there isn't really anything wrong with that their body their choice, It's not like they are killing a baby inside of them or anything. As for the side affect of fapping you mentioned, Which were acne and obesity. There is no scientific evidence to vindicate that claim. Turns out, That is just a hoax.
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Posted by Maudas 1 month ago
If you are so easy to influence by an Anime, Just don't watch it.
Exist all kind of things that are really bad for anyone and they are out there.
Therefore, No, Anime should not be banned.
It's a form of art and entertainment for whatever who likes.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Define Anime?
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