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Should Australia legalise Airsoft?

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Started: 2/12/2019 Category: Politics
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I do not see any reason for Australia to not legalise the sport. The main reason for the game being illegal is that the guns "look too realistic". If the gun looks real, Then why can we not simply treat them like a real gun. At least add the bright orange tip on the barrel if really needed.

The sport provides a fun, Action pack activity, And there is no strong reason the game should be banned.


Australia should not legalize airsoft, It might be fun but what if someone thinks your using a real gun. Then they might attack you or call the police, And even worse the police could shoot you thinking you're armed.

If they add an orange tip to there airsoft guns it won't work because a criminal could very easy color the tip black or take it off. If you were being mugged you wouldn't know any better and would think it's a real gun and you can't see the tip when your guns holstered so a police officer might shoot you if he/she thinks it's real.
Debate Round No. 1


As I said in my opening statement. Because airsoft guns do look realistic, People should treat them very similar to a real firearm. I assume you may not be Australian so I understand if you are not familiar with the gun laws in Australia.

Australia have very strict laws regarding anything related to firearms. One of which is transporting them. Only the owner of the firearm, (or co-owner) is permitted to transport them. Even then, They are only allowed to transport them to an appropriate location such as the gun range. When transporting, The gun cannot be openly visible. You are required to put the gun in a gun bag. This law can be introduced into the airsoft laws in order to prevent immature kids walking the streets with a gun that looks realistic.

However, That law will not prevent at least one or two people from trying to pull pranks on people or even attempt to rob someone. Obviously the police would step in and attempt to stop that person. Again, The gun will be treated as a real gun and the police would act accordingly. The act would be considered armed robbery and the person would face jail time.


Australia might have strong gun laws but that doesn't mean everyone is going to follow them, What happens it a couple of kids think it's funny to paint there entire guns black and run through the neighborhood acting like they have real guns, Next thing you know the police have accidentally shot one of them.

Airsoft guns can be hurtful if you load them with metal bb's and set them to full auto they can create property damage or seriously hurt someone.
Debate Round No. 2


I probably should have stated this in my second statement when I was discussing the gun laws. The law can require the airsoft gun to be stored in a registered gun safe. All these laws may be going a little too far for a toy gun but if it is the only way to legalise airsoft, Then so be it.

What makes this topic even worse is that Australia has recently legalised gell blasters. If you are not familiar with them, They are almost the exact same as airsoft. The only obvious difference is different ammunition. Airsoft guns shoot balls made of biodegradable plastic, While gell balls shoot balls made of gell.

The procedure for dealing with an armed person is not to shoot them immediately. If an immature kid decided to walk around a public place holding an airsoft gun, The police will deal with the kid according. The last thing they want to do is shoot a child. They might point their gun at them and arrest them (illegal transportation of firearm) but they would not shoot unless that kid does something very stupid like point the gun at them. However, Most people would comply when there are multiple guns pointed in your direction.

Thank you for a very interesting debate. Good luck in the voting stage.


TheBlackCat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I have started this debate so I can get both sides of the argument. I am planning to write a letter to the Australian Government so they can hopefully pass legislation and legalise the sport. The only argument I have seen is that the guns look relaistic. (Which I have explained ways around it in my statements)

If anyone has any other suggestions/information that I may be able to look into further. Please let me know. There are mass support in favour of the sport however the laws have not changed.
Posted by these_republicans 3 years ago
Is this legit? Airsoft is the funnest thing I can think of playing! I didn't know airsoft was illegal. Hopefully they'll legalize it. As for Aussies, I wish them the best.
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