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Should Blacks Be Deported?

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Started: 3/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Black people have a much higher crime rate than whites,a higher welfare usage rate,and have caused various riots (or their existence has caused white people to riot).
Various founding fathers wished for them to be deported and given the history of blacks in this country,the most deadly consequence of their existence in this country being the civil war,deporting blacks to Africa is a logical thing to do.


How exactly deporting black people to Africa will settle things down? People won't stop arguing, fighting, killing etc as it's in human nature to use fist first and to debate afterwords.
Alright, lets hypothetically remove every black people from your country. What will happen? A percantage of crime rate done by black people, an open crime "gap" so to speak. And this gap will be filled by white or/and asian, any organized crime, which still isn't the worst scenario that could happen. A whole new problem, that the government may not be able to deal with.
Debate Round No. 1


Murders,rapes,and robberies would not be a gap that would be filled in by whites or asians. If removing criminals means that there is a gap that will be filled by someone than why should we put people in prison at all?
No,if the race that commits half of the murders is deported than murders will be down,the same goes for the other violent crimes they disproportionately commit.

You can hypothetically say it could be worse but that is hypothetical,not fact,but these crime statistics are fact and realistically crime would go down if they were gone.


I can see where you're going with the numbers and statistics and stuff thus I can't say you wrong. Then what about white people that rape, assault and mug others more than any other minorities in the US combined? Deporting all of them so the crime rate would drop?
Although yes, despite being to drastic, it is a significant counter measure. Though I personally doubt any African country would like to have immigrants with probably 30-35% of them being criminals, as it WILL be a disaster for the economy since they would need to produce more food, workplaces, education, shelter than they can handle. Some of them, like Kenya, can't even provide enough for their citizens.
Also there must be an immediate replacement for working black people, which is impossible not only due to how many vacant places will be accumulated, but also to how many unemployed people that are willing to fill them, as the amount of beach bums and leeches among other ethnicities will stay the same.
It's not beneficial for both sides, the US and many African countries.
P.S. Also this would affect US' public image as a literalistic country, which will lead to some unpleasant consequences
Debate Round No. 2


Well acually a highly disproportionate amount of blacks receive welfare at 41.6% of the black population (with only 13.2% of non-hispanic whites being on welfare),so if all blacks were deported it would not be a drain on the economy as a very large amount of welfare recipients would be gone.

The link I provided earlier showed that 51.1% of murders and 53.5% of robberies were commited by blacks and while only 28.2% of rapes were commited by blacks (which is still highly disproportionate to the black population percentage in this country) and 68% are commited by "whites" this is not an accurate number as non-white,primarily mestizo,hispanics are included in the "white" category and they commit 26.8% of rapes which would mean only 39.2% of rapes are commited by non-hispanic whites.
As well as only 25.1% of murders and 23.6% of robberies are commited by non-hsipanic whites despite making up over 60% of the population. So white violent crimes do not outnumber black violent crimes,in either number or a per capita rate.
And what bad consequences would happen based on us not being viewed as a "literalistic" (I assume you mean liberalistic) country?

Regarding whether it will benefit african countries or not.
Ghana already allows all blacks to immigrate there.
The south african recently has been promoting a law to take white land without compensation,there are already lots of white south africans living in squatter camps and there will be more soon,we could engage in a population exchange with South Africa to get rid of a significant amount of our black people in exchange for their whites settling here.
Zimbabwe recently has been asking for white people to come back and farm their land because they have been unproductive after the zimbabwean government has pushed the white people off their lands so we could work out a deal with them that if they accept a certain amount of black immigrants we can help establish productive farms there.

We also established the country of Liberia as a place for blacks from America to settle and we have given it naval protection before and we can use these past debts to encourage them to take black immigrants.
We have also provided aid to black rebels in Angola when they were fighting their war of independence against Portugal and we could use this past debt to encourage black settlement.
With all the aid we've given to blacks in Africa we can use this leverage to encourage black settlement and threaten to cut off all aid if they do not comply.

There are other ways we could promote settlement in Africa too and these are only some of them,and we can pay blacks who cannot afford to settle there a fixed amount of money to help them settle,which in the long run would be cheaper than keeping them here.


What you pursue isn't some way to deal with what black people raping women and stealing things, but a way to move what troubles you elsewhere. If I don't like how my coffee is made and I want the guy/girl to improve their skills I don't send them back to school, but teach them how to do it right. Same applies for criminals, rioters etc. Instead of sending them someplace where they "belong" they must be reasoned and talked to. Through understanding their motives we can improve, change their way of thinking that destroys and hurts others into something that creates.

Blaming certain group when everyone involved are also the guilty party is understandable. But it will just create a punching bag for everyone to blame their misfortunes. "I lost a wallet. Probably some negro person stole it" - that what you want to hear more often?Yes, pro, in any fight both sides are to blame, not the one that loses.

No one in US or any other country keep people inside their borders - nowadays people are able to choose where they want to live, to study, to prosper. Saying that proves that people of different race to you are objects, when in reality every single person is an object and any features they carry (facial features, culture, habits, tongue, skin colour, etc) are just perks that we use to identify their origin, nothing else.

And about hispanic non hispanic situation. White people STILL rape more then latinos and blacks. Not combined, though. It appears that you misunderstood me. By saying that other ethnicities do certain crimes more I was pointing at that by making US a "white country" will not change the fact that there are murderers, rapists, rioters among white people. By removing black people from US you'll just make it easier for others to commit crimes, since there will be less competition.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by saiga12boy 3 years ago
11. How is it white people's fault that other countries are suffering? Singapore is a former territory of the british and they are doing excellently,same with hong kong.
How did we make it so countries in Africa are suffering? We haven't been there for decades,the civilizations there before us were scarce and not as advanced as us,it is up to them to improve their countries.

And while the spanish did conquer the aztecs who had an advanced civilization we were aided by other amerindians who hated the aztecs because they were enemies and their people were taken as human sacrifices by the aztecs (human sacrifices being somethig whites put an end to),and the fall of the incans can atleast partially be blamed on themselves as they just fought a civil war before the spaniards conquered them,their civilization had their own problems.

And the american nation wasn't founded by amerindians so it is ridiculous to say we should leave because they were first,they are not americans,America is a country founded by whites for whites and would not exist without whites. They only sparsely inhabited the land before we came and established a civilization on it.
They did have pueblos in New Mexico but those were conquered by the spanish long before the americans arrived,so yes you can blame the spanish for that but whites have also brought the descendants of those people medicine,stable food sources and we still allow them to live on reservations in New Mexico.
We have also brought peace to the continent by stopping indian tribes from fighting each other.
Posted by saiga12boy 3 years ago
To Amphia

1. We inhabited land that Amerindian nomads lived on and we still gave them reservations where they still live. We have displaced them before but only rarely have they ever been transported beyond the bounds of the United States.
2. Yes,it is white people's fault blacks are here,and just as we brought them here we can take them back.
3.Yes,whites accidentally spread disease,we have also brught modern medicine to them which have eradicated major diseases and provided many other health benefits.
4.Yes whites did start the civil war,but the reason the southern states seceded were because the north wouldn't return their slaves to them and they didn't want their slaves to be free. This coud have been avoided if blacks were never present. I do not blame black people for being here,but that doesn't mean they should stay here.
5. While whites did start ww1,ww2 is a bit different as the japanese had a major role in that as well and while it didn't officially start the until the white germans invade Poland and the UK and France declared war on it,the asian conflict had already started years before the invasion of Poland. But yes,whites have started wars before,all races have.
6. Yes they also forced whites to be soldiers and a LOT more whites died in the civil war,ww1,and ww2 than blacks did.
7.While the spaniards definetly did steal mesoamerican gold the whites in africa took resources (like diamonds and gold) from the mines themselves which the blacks had done nothing with.
8. How is segregation inherently bad? I do think racial seperation is better than segregation but why is blacks being secluded from white schools and neighborhoods a bad thing?
9.No,raciam isn't why blacks have a high crime rate. Unless their minds are controlled by racsts this makes no sense.
10. Women in Asia wish to attain white features and they have a strong culture,whites are preferred worldwide for their beauty,it's not about our beauty standards.
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
What the Pro needs to realize is that:

1. The reason why black people have a "higher" crime rate (the answer will shock you)
2. African-Americans ARE ONLY AFRICANS ETHNICALLY NOT CULTURALLY. Saying we should send them back to Africa is like saying we should send all white people back to Europe and give the Native Americans back their land.

I just hate that you're acting like black people are such a nuisance that we must get rid of them.

By your standards, we should get rid of white people because the white people:

1. Stole the Native American land
3. They killed off a majority of the Native American/indigenous population with disease
4. They started the Civil War
5. They started WW1 and WW2
6. They forced black people to be soldiers in these wars
7. They stole resources from Africa and South America for their own beenfit
8. They created segregation
9. Their racism is the reason black people are incarcerated at high rates
10. Their Western beauty standards are the reason people who aren't white feel bad about the way they look
11. They are the reason countries in Africa and South America and even Asia are suffering economically

Wow, that sure is a long list isn't it?
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