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Should College Athletes Be Paid (Scholarships Included)

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Started: 4/7/2014 Category: Sports
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Some college athletes can receive up to $125,000 per year that covers tuition, room, and board. They also receive free nutrition support, athletic coaching, medical attention, and physical therapy. Not only are these athletes given all of this free attention, but they also receive constant exposure for their abilities. This is an excessive amount that the college has to pay for, and it all comes out of the tuition of the students who have to pay for all of the things that these athletes get for free. Also, due to all of the scholarships that the college gives to athletes, many students that have earned a scholarship based on their grades and other extracurricular activities have been denied the scholarship and the chance to go to the school of their choice. This mindset of athletics over academics is only detrimental to the education of our country's students.


Collages pay and give atention to athletes at certain point of their abillity where in the future they are certainly going to get promoted and the collage might be paid recovering what they inverted and geting a biger amount of money that will help the scool to waste that monety in instalations and more equipment not just fors sports but for intelectual purposes too.
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I ment (for) not fors
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