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Should Competitive Acitvities/Events be included into the Curriculum?

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Started: 9/13/2017 Category: Education
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I'm going to make this short:

-In the education system of today very rarely will students be met with situations in which they might utilize the topics they learned in a real world environment or to problem solve, all they do is just learn a certain topic and vomit it back out onto their test. The thing is, as soon as these students are done with the test, they hardly ever touch that subject again. The current curriculum does very little to prepare students for the real world or help with any of their other skills.

-It should not be left up to the students to enter into competitive events such as Mathcounts, AMC, Future Problem Solvers, etc. Rather, these activities should be encouraged for the fact that they do much to enrich and expand a students outlook on learning and provide them valuable skills that they may later need in life; better than absorbing everything in one ear and coming out the other end when it's time to take a test.


First of all, I"d like to thank Bleep for making this debate. Very happy to debate this topic to you =)

Now onto my case:

Since Pro didn"t provide a framework for this debate and I"ll mine for measures (for now):

This debate is about 2 stakeholders in the education system:

i) the student: Since school decisions are based on a utilitarian method (except for racial and sexual matters) it is important to analyse which world will benefit students the most

ii) the school- since your policy is implementing the inclusion of a new policy to the education system, schools also need to show their own marginal benefits from this policy including but not limited to:

-Cost and expenses, with the Trump administration in place, it"s unclear what the budget of schools is going to be. As Trump made no big proposition to increase it, we"ll assume the budget as it is. Therefore, schools must also see benefits of their budgets doing such things as making math counts teams, hiring teachers & equipment will cost a lot universally among schools
Therefore, the measurement of school decisions is based off of the cost of the excursion, its risks and the benefits it will bring. For Pro to have a chance at winning, he must provide and state evidence that his proposition will benefit the huge majority of students in the education system.

Onto some arguments:

1.) The implementation of these competitive activities won"t benefit enough new students.

In the status quo, students who want to do Math counts or Mathletes participate in outside academic programs. Pro acknowledges this. Therefore, implementing a school program will not benefit these students for 2 following reasons:

1.) First, I"d like to clarify the question of cost is not a problem. Although these outside of school programs costs extra capital, it is with no reason to assume this places much extra burden on the parents. Parents who send their kids to these places can fully afford this. Now, my opponent may wish to attempt to rebut this with the idea that many parents won"t send their kids to these programs as they cost more money however, I"m proud to respond with this:

When kids have an urge to do something, their parents will comply to do so. As in unequal childhoods-Laureau. Working class families that make no sufficient of money are still willing to send their kids to activities that they"re passionate about. In fact, as seen in the second example of unequal childhoods the mom of the family is actually encouraging her son to pursue extra-curricular activities like the math help or the football team. Therefore, there is no reason that Pro may suggest that problem of financial capabilities.

2.) This can HARM students

As pro put it he aims to "include" such tests like the AMC to the curriculum, hence, it"s reasonable to assume such that these programs will be mandatory.

This could actually harm students as according to Uwaystan (which conducts educational and community services in counties) one of the leading causes of drop outs are poor academic performance. It is clear in the status quo that many native American and black students drop-out due to poor academic performance (Since these 2 races also tend to have lower grades). With this in mind, poor academic performance can be crucial in a student"s drop out.

When students take the AMC at school, they"re pressured since it"s a serious test. And even worse, after these tests the results are shared, many of the top students are inclined to share their results therefore creating academic pressure and low self-esteem. This can be harmful and the leading cause of students dropping out. Furthermore, the taking of these tests will not benefit the overwhelming majority of the student population as the people who would like to take it would have taken it on their own and the bad performing can lead to them even dropping out.

With all stated above, I have clearly proved as Con that this test will

- have no benefit on the majority (if not nearly) all the students


a.) it will be redundant for top students

b.) have limited positive benefit and highly possible negative benefits on poorer performing students.

Therefore, my framework stands in my favour.

Hence, I"m so proud standing Con on this debate.
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