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Should Competitive Sports Be Banned From Middle Schools??

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Started: 10/24/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The reason why they shouldn't be banned because it academically helps the students and give them a reason to play and exercise to be fit and or they help the students with helpful stuff, something physical, they would be really out of shape and wouldn't be able to play properly.


My case consists of one profounding point. This point upon which I shall explore all areas.

School is for learning.

Under this point, I shall explain the roles of schools, both in the development of children and the responsibilities upon which the school hold towards the children.

Secondly, I will explore the effects competitive sport have on peoples attitudes and mental wellbeing towards one another, and prove how middle school is not the right place or time for this.

In response to con's vague start, I gathered the main points offered wherein regards to academic benefits of competitive sport, and how this competitiveness idea tagged onto sport makes it more intriguing to play, hence we would see health benefits. However, this is flawed. Firstly we haven't been told how these academic benefits are going to be achieved and secondly, their ideas are sickening and cruel. Would you not think if you were a fat obese child, that's metabolic system was the only thing responsible for your extra weight, that you would feel comfortable letting down 'the team' and potential being responsible for a loss in a game. Imagine if it was all up to you, the fat kid, to catch the ball and make 'the try', or kick the goal, yet because of your low self-esteem and physical inability to kick the ball or make the catch, you feel so humiliated being put through all that trauma and failure. Is this fair? My statement is this, fun sport is more welcoming, for fun and laughter can only be achieved through failure, there is nothing on the line. Someone is going to feel so much more comfortable playing a fun game of soccer where the end result does not matter, than being put in a potential spot to be ruined.

No matter what, cons argument is weak, do not fail to see so.

To conclude, I clarify competitive sports are sports where both opposition/teams are in competition with one another for victory. I do not see sports where both teams are friendly and are playing only for the purpose of fun or physical enhancements to class as competitive.
As Google states "relating to or characterized by competition" - competitive.

Thank You.
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