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Should Dashcams Be Mandatory in the U.S.A?

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Started: 3/23/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hey Guys,
I am doing a opinion writing and it is about if dashcams should be mandatory or not. I am going with they should be mandatory. Let me hear your opinion!!


Dashcams should not be mandatory.

While I agree that dash cams are great pieces of technology, I don't think they should be mandatory. Requiring things of people to use a necessary thing is generally a bad idea. For example, school is required but transportation to and from isn't because that would be unreasonable. To have a society or a law that forces someone to do something, whether or not it is generally positive, and then add more mandatory actions on that just doesn't make too much sense.

The main reason I don't like dash cams are the insurance companies. These vile corporations will sacrifice people's well being in the name of money, all while hiding behind loopholes in the law that are nothing but manipulative and harsh. When I was in treatment for my mental health issues, a lot of my big treatments weren't covered because it would be cheaper to dispose of a dead body post suicide. Disgusting. My coworker actually interrupted me to tell me how her friend's daughter was recently paralyzed by a reaction to the flu shot, she has a disorder, and how the insurance company wouldn't pay for the necessary equipment for her to live IN HER OWN HOUSE.

But more directly on topic, when I had a dash cam, I would get cited for the most stupid things. One time I was penalized for singing too much. Singing too much. My eyes were on the road the entire time but they still incrementally raised my payments because of arbitrary reasons.

Until a significant reform happens to keep the insurance companies from abusing the people, I cannot support this.
Debate Round No. 1


This is great, but why do I need this?

This concept is not new. In countries where accident and insurance fraud are rife, e.g. Russia, these cameras are widely used by individuals to firstly prevent them from being targeted and secondly protect them if they fall prey to these illegal money-making schemes.

Fraudulent personal injury claims and crash-for-cash organisations are now becoming increasingly common in the UK and Europe. An estimated "350 million is paid out for false insurance claims each year in the UK, increasing the average individual insurance premium by "44 per year.

How does the camera work?

The cameras are sleek and easy to install (instructions will be available). The cameras will automatically start recording as soon as you turn on the engine. Some of our more advanced camera options can also record while the vehicle is parked (i.e. to deter theft and vandalism). The cameras are powered by the car engine or by battery. All video and sound data is directly recorded onto a memory card, which can be kept in the event of an incident or as a souvenir of a memorable journey, or else re-used once full. Some of our more sophisticated cameras have GPS installed, enabling exact position and speed data to be stored with the video footage on the memory card.

Sounds fabulous. How exactly can I expect this to help me?

Think of this camera as your very own personal witness, who can be called upon at any time to protect you. Here are some very realistic scenarios where your camera could be used to defend you:

Should you be unfortunate enough to be in an accident that was not your fault, but another party is disputing this then the video footage can be used to evidence your innocence.
Perhaps you are involved in a minor bumper-bumper collision and, upon deciding that each person and vehicle is not damaged, you comfortably continue on your journey. However, unbeknownst to you, the other party drives straight to the hospital claiming false injury. Before you know it you are contacted by their lawyers and summoned to court.
You may unlucky enough to be targeted by a crash-for-cash organisation. These criminals prey on and they do this in a number of ways. They may wait for you at a round-a-bout and then cut in on your right of way, causing a collision. They could disconnect their break lights so you drive into the rear of their vehicle with no warning they have become stationary. They often allege to have more injured passengers in their car, when in reality there were none, to claim even more money.

"Dash Cam Benefits - Accident Cameras." Accessed 24 Mar. 2017.


Pro didn't provide any argumentation to refute my claims, he literally just copy and pasted the whole page from his link provided. This should count against him as far as conduct and arguments go. Because using someone else's ENTIRE argument is plagiarized.

Nevertheless, I will address the points made by pro.

Why do I need this?

I had already known about the use in Russia because lawsuit scams are rampant there, it mentioned that this was now becoming common in EUROPE and the UK. Nowhere does it say the U.S. These scams are just not very common whatsoever in the U.S.

How does it work?

Explains possible uses and benefits but doesn't explain why it should be mandatory.

How can it help me?

Same as above.

Pro didn't answer my argument on how things shouldn't be mandatory unless absolutely needed or my argument about insurance companies abusing the populous at large. The latter explained how feeding the insurance companies more power is a horrible idea.
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