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Should Dead Beat Dads be incarcerated if they are too poor to pay child support?

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Started: 4/6/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Locking up the poor and sick with violent criminals is completely irresponsible, double jeopardy as well as cruel and unusual punishment. The woman should be held accountable for not using birth control or having an abortion. If she wants to have a baby she should foot the whole bill.


Although a "father" has a moral and ethical obligation to provide a care for a child they conceived, I do not believe that a "dead beat dad" should be incarcerated if he is unable to provide child support.

The focus of this question should be the child for which the support would be used to care for. Yes, a dead beat father is "not around" for their child and is unable to provide any sort of support for the care of this child. Locking up the father in jail, however, guarantees the the child will not have the father figure in his life and also guarantees that the father will have zero income to provide any support for the care of his child in the future.

Who would define what a "dead beat dad" would be? If the father of the child choose not to be part of the child life, however sad, could there be a reason he is unable to pay child support? Is he disabled and unable to work? Is he actively trying to find a job and may be unable to find one? There would be a strong subjective component in deciding who would be labeled as a deadbeat dad.

The blame should not be placed on the mother. As you have outlined, you believe it is the responsibility of the mother to use birth control and/or have an abortion. This is not fair. "It takes two to tango". Female birth control is much more costly that male birth control options and an abortion is is a whole other issue. Men have the responsibility of using a condom and if they choose not to, should be prepared to deal with the ramifications. Yes, there is some responsibility on the woman of making sure she is protected, but if something does happen it is not 100% her responsibility. A baby is extremely expensive, and after all, that baby is 50% the fathers.

Incarceration of "criminals" has been shown not to be effective in rehabbing those who need it. I believe in this case the money used to incarcerate the father could be spent either on programs such as safe sex classes or providing condoms. Or, it could be used to provide assistance to the single mother.

However unfortunate for the mother and child, I do not believe that incarcerating a "dead beat dad" is an effective solution to the issue.
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Posted by Smooosh 3 years ago
Lock them up and do needless medical experiments on them!!
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