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Should Delhi(India) be given statehood?

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Started: 6/22/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First round is for acceptance only.
From 2nd round onwards the debate starts.
Arguements can be made and objections can be raised.
People with good knowledge about Indian political scenario most welcome.


As an American, I believe in independence. Whether Delhi wants to become a country or whatnot, she should have the right to do so.
Debate Round No. 1


Delhi is where people from all over India come, where officials and people from the civil and uniformed forces from all national units work. It is the headquarters of intelligence and the security apparatus. It has a huge diplomatic core. It is where all State governments have a direct stake, whether in land, offices or officers.

This is not a city for the people who live in it alone, it"s a city that houses the national government. Therefore, it has wisely been kept as a Union Territory with extraordinary powers to a subordinate State government. I say extraordinary, since in ordinary circumstances, these powers should remain with the Central government through its local political and administrative wings. This status has served the people of Delhi well " with the benefit of funds and a benevolent national government.

In Delhi, except for law and order and land, both of which due to the presence and needs of the Central government is within its purview, all other subjects are with the State government. However, through the Lieutenant Governor, the Government of India oversees matters regarding Central civil services, some crucial matters of finance, etc. While some of these controls maybe unnecessary, they very rarely come in the way of the State government doing what it thinks it should do.

From 1993 to 2013, this arrangement in Delhi worked, except when individuals wanted to play either politics or monopoly .Much of the work gets done precisely because Delhi has the Central government playing a role. This system has worked well, but the problem with the current political leadership is that they are nervous and uncomfortable with the Central government"s system of checks and balances. Taking a close look at the points of friction, you find that they are mostly in areas involving either funds or contracts. In each case, the objections or reviews sought from the Lieutenant Governor are reasonable and exercise caution over proposals that on careful reading point to fishy deals.

Constitutionally, Delhi is a Union Territory (UT) with a legislature. Unlike UTs without legislature, where financial powers are limited since their budget is a part of the home ministry"s budget, Delhi has unlimited powers as long as it is generating its own resources.

Delhi has a parliament, executive and judiciary like in most Indian states. It is autonomous for the most part in lawmaking and executive powers.

Delhi has a municipal corporation which has it"s own electoral system.

Delhi has a police department but comes under the home ministry.

The lieutenant governor controls the police and is the de facto head of the city and is the main representative of the central government in the city.

Delhi's budget is of 40,000 crores of which 36,000 crores is funded by Central Government and 4,000 is to be funded by Delhi Government. But if it gets full statehood, according to the constitution of India, Central Government will only fund 4,000 crores and Delhi Government will have to arrange 36,000 crores themselves which is very difficult as they are spending too much on subsidies. 91 crores are spent each month on subsidies provided on water only.So if Delhi gets full statehood, how is Delhi Government going to arrange funds since they are already spending too much on subsidies.
The city has been developed using a combination of state and central government funds. The state government wouldn"t be able to fund the Metro, Airport, railway stations nor the national highways.

The central government has an estimated people strength of over 300,000 people working in Delhi. Designating an area or relocating them outside of the city means making another city altogether which is certainly possible.
Once Delhi attains Statehood, it would have to strategize its revenue earnings. Apart from value added taxes, there are entry, exit, parking charges on vehicles and property.

Delhi state cannot solely rely on traditional industries. It would need high value adding industries with high wages. Delhi would have to pull bigger resources and manpower in order to pave way for development.

Surrounded by three other states, Delhi will eventually run out of land. Benefits of growth and development would leak to other states of Rajasthan, UP and Haryana.

Statehood will encourage regionalism in Delhi.That can't happen because people from all over India come and stay in Delhi.

Delhi is the National Capital and hence people from every State have a right on Delhi and directly or indirectly have a part to play in Delhi .

Delhi equally belongs to all Indian states being the National capital .

All the embassies are in Delhi and it should be under the power of Central Government only.

The current system works. If you ever have a full statehood, this city, given two governments, will enter into so many conflicts that you will then perhaps ask for just one more thing " full nationhood". So Delhi should be under the control of Central Government only and like the whole world, the capital should be under the nation's control.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by soumya_a_thomas 3 years ago
Delhi is the capital of India. It is a union territory currently.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
A state of what country?
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