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Should Donald Trump become President of the United States of America?

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Started: 4/14/2016 Category: Politics
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Donald Trump clearly should not be President of the United States of America because of many reasons. First, to define my terms. President of the United States means one of the most, if not the most, influential people on Earth. Basically ruling over almost 400 million peoples lives, for their good, of course. They need to be a good leader, a good diplomat and be able to make tough decisions. Donald Trump is none of these. Good leader? No, Donald Trump has a horrible reputation in the business world, with a record of going bankrupt 4 times(1). Good diplomat? No, the way Trump respects people has absolutely no aspect on him trying to diplomatically solve things at all. For instance, when he tweeted to Hillary Clinton, "If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her own husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?"(2). Finally, Is Donald Trump really able to make tough decisions. I am sure everyone can answer that but Mr. Trump, no. No, Mr. Donald Trump cannot make tough decisions at all. All the quotes he says? He has nothing to say, truly satisfying us that my argument is correct. The most ignorant, disgusting and, well, Trump-y things he has said is that all Mexicans are rapists(3). I mean, seriously. As you can see, Donald Trump is clearly not a good candidate.





Donald J Trump has proven himself to be successful in other parts of his life time in and time out. I have just finished reading his 1987 book THE ART OF THE DEAL, and although he believes in thinking big, he says several times in the book that you go into a deal hoping for the best, while anticipating the worst. We need that thought process in our country, because it is obviously lacking in our country where we can't do nearly anything, and buildings are getting half-finished and then running out of money.

We need a dealmaker in the white house, a man who doesn't hesitate to get things done, a man who doesn't pause in his speaking to make sure hes being politically correct, a man who speaks his mind, and most importantly, a man who can kill the national debt and blow ISIS out of the water.

After 8 years of Barack Obama, we need some deals to pull us out of the hole America has worked its way into. We need to not give billions of dollars to one of the least stable countries in the world while going by the honor code that they wont develop any nuclear weapons. Have we not learned from the cold war that rouge nations and rebellions we support can turn against us?

Face it, Obama's reign has cost America their enthusiasm and the envy of other world nations. We are no longer the example of a great country, instead countries such as China, Canada, and Norway have become people's ideals.

Remember, Trump never said all Mexicans were rapists.......even though it may have come out wrong, he was making a point that many criminals and drug lords cross our southern border every day. There are countless examples of people in the southwest are raped by illegal immigrants. This doesn't mean all Mexicans are bad, it just means that many criminal and immoral ones end up in the USA. Our foremost concern is protecting America, and frankly i don't see how an extension of Barack Obama's ideas will help us get there
Debate Round No. 1


I absolutely agree, we definitely do not need a rerun of Barack Obama. He did nothing, to state a fact. However, Donald Trump will do to much. Build a wall(1)? Increase taxes(2)? Ban Muslims(3)? All of these things Donald Trump will do, and all he will fail at. This decade has been amazing. Black Lives Matter, Marijuana Legalization and Gay Rights have made greatness in the USA. This decade could be a decade of change. With Trump, it will be a decade of decay.

My counter argument will be about how the opposition stated, "although he believes in thinking big, he says several times in the book that you go into a deal hoping for the best, while anticipating the worst. We need that thought process in our country..." We really need a President who will go into a nuclear deal with Iran, go into debt meetings with China or talk to Texas about secession in a way that he just 'hopes' for the best. We cannot have this attitude, contradicting what you said. We need someone who will anticipate the best, and make it happen. Donald Trump will just walk in, try a little bit, and then give up. This will ruin America.

Another thing that makes Donald Trump a horrible President is his complete disregard for a huge majority of America. The largest participant in these accusations is when Donald Trump blatantly stated, "You have to treat 'em like s***," (4)Talking about women. Meaning almost 60% of the United States population. Do we really want someone like this becoming the leader of the United States?

Lastly, Donald Trump has absolutely no regard for ethnicity or race. He will discriminate against anyone, even white people. The one I will focus on is black people, when Trump said, "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes all day."(5) Clearly, this shows that Donald Trump takes no interest in the ways he treats people. Considering he said the words 'types of people' shows he doesn't consider all as equals, something a President needs to be composed of.

As you see, Donald Trump is not fit to be President, he treats people horribly!





*** insert appropriate letters


A wall is entirely symbolic, as there are tunnels and other methods to get into the country. However, if it only costs 8 billion, it wouldn't effect the mexican government too much. Mexico says that it wont pay for that quote "F***ing wall". Donald comes into office and says "very well. 30% tariff on all goods from Mexico". Can you imagine how awesome that would be? Companies like Dodge, Nabisco, Chevrolet, and many others would move production back to the USA or China and Mexico would be begging for our business at our doorstep! It would be much easier for Mexico to just comply and build the wall to keep their own citizens from invading a different country, and Mexico knows it.

That article on taxes is 8 months old. I've heard him say on the Bll O'Reily show that corporate taxes are way too high since then. He wants to lower corporate taxes to increase the desire to move production back to the US, so we can begin slowly chipping away at the debt. Google it if you don't believe me, I'm not the type to paste a whole link farm onto my argument, I prefer to do my own talking!

Again, I revert to THE ART OF THE DEAL. Donald liked a house they were asking $25,000,000 for, so he offered $15,000,000. They of course said no, so a few months later her offered $10,000,000. The owners were desperate to sell. All their other offers were falling through and Donald knew it, so he just kept offering a little bit less. Eventually the owners panicked and said yes to his offer for $5,000,000 PLUS all the furnishings for $3,000,000, because they knew it would just keep going down. Donald is not a dealmaker who gives up easily, i can assure you of that!

You are obviously a liberal whereas i am a conservative, so your thoughts of "progress" on people being able to practice their immoral behavior, use dangerous and harmful substances, and the rights for racist-against-whites groups to tear down entire cities obviously is a complete reversal of mine. However, those are your beliefs, and you are a different party affiliation than i am, so I'm not going to attack you for that. You just need to understand more than half the country has a different opinion of "progress".

Mr Trump has a deep love for his country, and isn't about to let being politically correct stand in his way! Voters must also take note of the fact that only liberal media outlets are being used in your sources. I have yet to see a "Conservative Newsroom" link.

Even if you don't like Trump, you have to admit his campaign is sheer genius. Rather than focusing on policies that mean nothing to American people, he focused on issues and benefits of his solutions. He is pitching his campaign as a sales presentation, rather than a typical campaign. And he seems to be getting results!

Did you think Hillary treats people with respect? If you don't trust nypost, click the link to the author. It takes you to Amazon where you can buy the book yourself, straight from the leader of the secret will learn the worst of hillary, along with the worst of biden and the kind compassionate nature of Laura Bush. But i digress.

Trump is interested in building up himself, his brand, and family by building up the country he loves, where Hillary is interested in building up herself while tearing down the country she doesn't give two hoots about!
Debate Round No. 2


The opponent states that " A wall is entirely symbolic..." However, if it is symbolic, why would Donald Trump waste almost $10 billion dollars(1) and the time of thousands of people for a 'symbolic wall.' You may say, we aren't paying for it! But we are. Donald Trump will never get the Mexican government to spend $10 billion dollars just for his polls. Sure, he would raise tariffs. But will that actually do anything? Mexico and almost all allies of the United States resent Donald Trump(2). Why would we want the lead diplomat of the United States becoming the top person to interact with the only people keeping us alive [other world leaders]? And did you actually think how much it would cost to move production back to the United States or China? Billions. A lot more than the wall, that's for sure. And as soon as we force Mexico to pay for it, they would realize that we are not worth an alliance and would yet again deny, and we would lose our most valuable ally in our most valuable area, Central America(3). Where do you think the United States would be then? "Mexico would be begging for our business at our doorstep!" That's what you said. Change the word Mexico to the U.S. and you've got it.

Now, this is a personal question. My opponent said that 'The Art of the Deal' is a valuable book by Mr. Trump. Do you seriously think the stories in that book are true. Sure, some of them. But Donald Trump will do anything to get his polls up. I am sure we've all already seen that.

My opponent said I want people to be able to use dangerous substances and that I would allow groups to tear down entire cities. The fact that you would even say this is crazy. I would never want this. This is horrible. But hey, he didn't attack me. He did.

Even if I don't like Trump, I do NOT have to admit his campaign is genius. His campaign is an ignorant, stupid portrayal of what votes want. To me, it is like High Fructose Corn Syrup. Some know it's bad and don't vote for it. Some know it's bad and still vote for it. Some have no idea it is a horrible idea and vote for it.

I realize. Hillary Clinton is a horrible president. The fact that she would be a good leader is [Hillaryous. (Sorry I had to)]
All of the candidates this year are horrible, this argument is simply pointing out who is the worst.

As you can see, Donald Trump is a horrible candidate who will destroy our country.





Trump, guarantees that Mexico will pay for the wall, but if they don't he probably wont build it at all. Either that, or arrest some Illegal Mexican immigrants, and put them on public service building his wall! Then make it a national monument, with gift shops and the like to bring in revenue for the country. Trump isn't stupid, as we know from his past buildings, he doesn't build something without knowing he will make a profit.

The storeis, though mostly brags, are true and it is a 30 year old book, so i kinda doubt he wrote it so he could win the election in 2k16!

You just said you supported the legalization of weed, BLM, and Gay marriage! I just reworded what you said, now you are disagreeing with me. Exactly why liberalism makes zero sense, u cant even handle your own policies! I don't usually get worked up in serious debates, but liberals make zero sense.

It gets him support, genius. Period. It makes sense for him no matter how pissed off you get.

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan are so similar, its scary:

a) both will (or have) preceded a democrat with a record of accomplishing nothing
b) both have roots in the entertainment industry
c) both will be 70 years old in inauguration
d) both were thought to be terrible candidates before the nomination
e) both were exceptions to the typical moral republican, with multiple wives and the like.
f) both were former democrats/democrat supporters

-draw your own conclusions from that

Donald says scary things, Hillary does scary things: whats worse?
Debate Round No. 3


Donald Trump guarantees that Mexico will pay for the wall? Great! Oh wait... you said "But if they don't," So I disagree with your statement. He HAS guaranteed this, but he will never be able to give. You are making up scenarios. He will not put Mexican Aliens on public service, or build a gift shop at a wall where shootouts will be common. That is just not going to happen. My opponent also said, 'Trump isn't stupid...' I disagree with this comment. Stupid as known to the general public is 'lacking intelligence or common sense.' I think Donald Trump lacks common sense. I agree, he is smart. 156 IQ is genius level, but he lacks common sense. Building a wall between two countries? This will break the alliance and any kind communication between Mexico and the United States, and will also lose our major foothold in Central America.

My opponent also stated that the stories are mostly brags, but it wouldn't be used to support an election. I agree, as an old book he wouldn't use it to plan an election. But wait! Most President's know they want to be President by an early age. They make sure they do everything they can do achieve this, and if Donald Trump is not stupid, supposedly, so he WOULD be planning this. But you also said he wouldn't do this. You are failing at this argument because you are contradicting your own words.

I also have supposedly been contradicting myself. The spin you put on what I say is outrageous. When I say legalization of marijuana, I mean the fact that it is going to reduce drug addiction rates(1), not the use of 'dangerous and harmful substances.' When I say Black Lives Matter, I mean the fact that Police over Black brutality has been decreased, not 'the rights for racist-against-whites groups to tear down entire cities.' Why would I say this. You simply wish to put a spin on my words for your sake. And the worst one. When I say Gay Marriage Rights, I do not, absolutely do not mean 'People being able to practices their immoral behavior.' Immoral? Being gay is immoral? Being who you are is immoral? Immoral basically means wrong, and the fact that you would even say that is horrible. Shame on you.

This house would also like to question the fact that our opponent shared with us random facts on Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. There is no point for me to 'draw' my own conclusions.

Therefore, Donald Trump would be an appalling President.



Donald is genius. He says things people want to hear, while focusing on issues rather than policy. You have no right to condemn his campaign strategy, while he happens to be leading a winning campaign, and you sit at home and type multiple ignorant paragraphs on things you don't even fully understand.

Trump is a Billionaire with a beautiful wife and business-minded my book, thats successful, so he had a tidbit of common sense i should say! ;) I already explained the Mexico problem several times and you haven't said anything besides claiming it won't work.

Um, if Trump is so fond of himself, he prob wouldn't have been waiting until he was 70 years old to run for president if he was planning it. Our country is in a time of need, and he finds it his duty to step in and help.

You ideas make zero sense....just look at them!!! Legalizing a drug will make it less addictive, blacks committing more crimes make cops less harsh on them, putting a peg on a peg is the right way to assemble a LEGO tower (please don't tell me you don't understand that analogy)........i'm not even going to try to argue with that because it is common sense, and i need to move on to my closing statements.

I'm just noting the similarities are abundant, and even democrats love Reagan. Thats why i said "draw your own conclusions"

I thank my opponent for setting up this debate, it was a lot of fun participating in it. Just reminding my fellow DDO users to please VOTE REPUBLICAN in the upcoming election. Thanks for wasting your time on us to read this far down the page :) and i remind you, please vote for the debater who provided the best reasoning and best constructed arguments. Thanks again!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Hdiddidjn 2 years ago
Trump is never going to be able to make Mexico pay for a wall
Posted by n_u_h_a 2 years ago
well I surely agree with the instigator about how trump can't really handle the leading of the united states as how he will fail, and also he he has none of the details he should to be the president to the united states.
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