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Should Driving be based on Height instead of Age?

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Started: 3/16/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I want to know if driving should be based on height instead. The world's shortest person older than 16 but he can't reach the gas pedal can't he. Also some people are more mentally developed or have special abilities before 16 but they can reach the pedals. And there's still the kids who play driving games a lot.


While basing the thresh-hold off of height and not age is a good idea on paper, we technically do have a limit on that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you have to be 4'9 just to sit in the passenger seat.

Although, despite that, I have a hard time believing that basing the thresh-hold off of height will be a good idea. I will say that there are people who are at an adult age, who are shorter than me, and I'm 15 years old with a height of 5'7. What I'm trying to get at is that basing the thresh-hold off of height will be unfair to those who are adults, shorter than 5 feet (example).

Also (I din't know if this is possible, but anything is possible), there are people who are tall, but are at a young age. Meaning this sets off a lot of problems. Another thing is that driving can be pressuring, regardless of level of maturity.

Finally, what does kids playing driving games have to do with driving being based on height and not age. Moving a D-Pad and pressing some buttons and looking at the car from it's back isn't the same as turning a steering wheel, pressing the gas peddle, and avoiding crashes with other cars. Adding on to this, most to all driving games are all racing games. Meaning you're competing to get first place. Unless you can point me to some video games that teach you how to drive a car (and do a good job at doing so), then I can believe you.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok then. What about the tall 14 year old kids that can teach themselves driving by watching? And I'm not sure about this, but what about kids that watch their older siblings learn driving? Just grow a bit taller and they could probably do it in a few days practice.


What tall 14 year old kids? That is one of the most unclear statements I have ever heard. If you can ACTUALLY show me proof, then I would take you more seriously, but right now, I'm looking at you with my eyes squinted.

Also, do you really think people can just grow and shrink as they will? When you said "Just grow a bit taller" you sound like people are born with the ability to grow and shrink. If that was the case, I would think everyone would be 5" and taller.

Finally, while yes, there are those who can learn after a few practices, not everyone can do so.

Please stay realistic.
Debate Round No. 2


It's not the ability to grow tall by will. Almost everyone still grows after they're 14. And does practicing take 2 years? Of course not.

If their tall enough, than just let them learn to drive earlier. It might even save lives.


Of course practicing doesn't take two years. However, it also depends if the person wants to drive. Not everyone is going to handle driving.

Also, how can letting people drive save lives. Next time, elaborate. So, then, I won't have to call you out on that.
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Posted by theyoungdrifster 3 years ago
we can learn from Germany. There, drivers tests are more than just one test made up of urban and country areas during day AND night. If the person can pass the test he/she is prepared to drive without making stupid mistakes and crashing. there, autobahns(highways) have no speed limits. they have waay better road conditions. there is less fatal accidents in Germany. drivers are a lot happier with the rules and safety there. in america, 78% of drivers admit to having road rage, its mainly because of bad road conditioning and stupid laws and amateure drivers however, in Germany only around 2% of drivers admit to having road rage. If a person tall enough can pass a drivers test like that of a German's, age wouldn't be much of a problem. I wish that's how our laws were shaped and that we had younger and better drivers. video games definitely do help. but not racing games. games where you have to park carefully in tighter and harder spots without speeding because there is little room and theres car in the opposing lane, now thats REALLY helpful. I have been playing those kinds of games since I was 5, and my father let me drive(in private roads and private parking lots) when I was 9. He didn't instruct me to do anything. I knew everything from watching him and playing parking games. Honestly, I was driving perfectly fine. don't even get me started on my parking skills. with practice, I became an incredible driver which I already was from the beginning. the drivers test was a PIECE OF CAKE. but New Jersey law says after turning 16 and passing a drivers test I needed to wait 6 months with a permit. I needed to get to school and my parents were always very busy. I needed my license by the time I was 12. that's when I realized we need to reduce the minimum age for driving, make drivers tests harder, and learn from that I wrote almost 2,000 characters I should stop typing.anyways, you get my point. If I had the power to change all of that, I would.2,000 characters!
Posted by Runes 3 years ago
I would not let 12 year old's who are*
Posted by Runes 3 years ago
I would not 12 year old's who are 6 foot share the road with me. Learning to drive is learning to be mentally fit for the task at hand. You need to be able to understand the whole situation going on. The brain is fully developed at 25 years of age, and to let someone say, 15 years younger than that drive based on their height is insane. Though I can understand how you can think this and respect your opinion.
Posted by TimWagnes 3 years ago
i'm twelve and 6'2
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
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