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Should E- Books replace Text books

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Started: 4/11/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Should textbooks be replaced by e- textbooks? I believe that textbooks are a waste of paper, many students are careless with them, and so they damage the book by drawing on the pages or ripping them out. But when that happens it renders the learning abilities of other students, because they are running the book. But if we were given e- copies of textbooks students would not be able to ruin them and since this is the 21st century almost everyone has tablets, laptops, I Pads and even phones. That would save so much paper from having to cut trees meaning that there would be a higher chance to stop global warming. Also, these textbooks could be sold for funds for schools so they could buy more technology for their students, or maybe for outdoor utilities like basketball nets, balls, grass, etc. how is this cost effective? It is because most students have devices for pleasure to play games and to do work. So now we know that people already have it for themselves right, well see on most devices you can download e-books meaning that you could download a textbook if you had one. So, it would also be easily accessible anywhere. So, for example, if you were away from school you could learn the exact same things that your peers were learning just at home. That is why I believe that E-books should replace Textbooks


I don't believe that E-books should replace textbooks. Not all students have access to the required technology, so replacing textbooks would put them at a disadvantage. Not to mention instances of server outages or no connectivity at home. Although there are instances where students lose or destroy their textbooks, it is easier, quicker and less expensive to replace them than a laptop or tablet.
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Posted by gichsam2002 3 years ago
Every other time, students, parents, and educational institutions prepare for another academic year while publishers rush to get their books in the bookstores in a rush to make profits.
The textbook market has one advantage over other markets: students are required to have the books for class. Although the used textbook market has rallied against the new, textbook revisions and additions have made it so new textbooks still get their share of the market.
It is no secret that the average college student spends an arm, a leg, and the promise of their first born child on textbooks each semester. Such expenses (and finding ways to cut them) coupled with new technologies, have opened the door to many publishers looking to cash in on the market.
E Books and print on demand technology (customized textbooks) have opened the door to a few cost-cutting strategies that are gaining market share as they alleviate the heavy drag on a student"s budget. That is why i support the e-Books simply because if there is revision on any part you just download the updated version.
I have seen how convenient eBooks are and it is the high time we encouraged their uses in school.
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