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Should EDM be universally recognized as a legitimate genre of music?

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Started: 5/14/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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EDM should be recognized as a legitimate genre of music. This is more of an introduction than the start of the argument. Here I am merely stating my case; the opponent may start the argument and I will respond to their points.


Greetings and good luck.

First, I accept the debate and challenge your opinion.

You are suggesting that Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, should be recognized and legitimized as a form of music. I would disagree, and as a matter of clarification, I would ask how you define music?

In my opinion, music requires the performer(s) to display some type of musical skill via instrumental or vocal expression. If you compare the skill of Jimi Hendrix or Ludwig Von Beethoven to an EDM DJ, there is a vast divide between the type of musical knowledge. In addition, there is a huge gap between the level of effort that goes into their craft. The greatest music stands on it's own. Great musicians perform on their own, without the luxury of mixing over prerecorded music from other artists.

The key reason that I disagree with your stance that EDM is a legitimate music form is that EDM DJ's rely on preexisting mixes. If you were to have an orchestra performer, such as Yo Yo Ma, simply play a prerecorded track of his cello, and only mix it on a soundboard for his performance, people would revolt. Likewise, if a rock band stood around and played mixes of their songs over different beats for a concert, they would lose fans in droves. If I accept the concept that playing someone else's music is an acceptable form of musical creativity, then radio DJs can arguably be legitimate musicians.

I would suggest that if you are attempting to argue that EDM is a legitimate source of music, then you would have the burden of proving that EDM displays music theory through instrumental or vocal expression. In addition, you have the burden of proving that this musical expression originates exclusively from the DJ's creativity. The DJ must create the underlying track and the mix. Finally, you must prove that the live performance of this music source is as musically involved as any other legitimate musician, orchestral or contemporary.
Debate Round No. 1


mrmonty123 forfeited this round.


You have forfeited your turn at disputing my points. In the spirit of the debate, I will assume that you are not avoiding the discussion intentionally, but have simply been away from your computer.

For the third and final round, I challenge you to prove with a clear and supported argument that EDM requires the same type of skills that other musicians display. These skills really can be summed up in two statements:

Music is a form of expression through instrumental or vocal performance and ability.
Music is created by a musician creating something original.

So in the final round, I ask you to provide evidence that an EDM DJ can exclusively create a song, and then perform it in its entirety to display musical prowess. This does not mean mixing over a prerecorded track; this means that the musician in question must create their own song, and then be able to recreate the song at will.

I look forward to the third round and wish you luck.
Debate Round No. 2


mrmonty123 forfeited this round.


Judging from the fact that Pro has forfeited two consecutive rounds, I will suggest that he was unable to provide a coherent argument responding to my points. I will also suggest that he showed poor conduct by failing to even acknowledge my claims or challenges. I will finally conclude that Pro found himself incapable of successfully arguing the musical legitimacy of EDM, and nonverbally admitted defeat via his forfeiture.

Logically, Pro has given up without posing any argument at all. Please keep this in mind during the voting process.
Debate Round No. 3
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