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Should English be the official language of the united States?

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Started: 12/2/2013 Category: Society
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I do believe that the English language should be the one and only official language of the US. Here are some reasons why I say yes. #1 Most American people already know the English language and have known it for many years. #2 We the people can always teach foreign persons the English language, and take time out of our own lives and help others. #3 In my opinion it is a very easy language to learn. Some people think that Spanish and English should share the top position of the language pyramid, but English is the most prosperous language. Many people already know English and like it. Foreign people, I think, would like the English language better than their own native language.


(Btw, you're on the Con side......)Actually, English was never made an official language. But, here's why it should be. (It's considered the main language.)

82% of Americans speak English. Only 10% speak Spanish. [1] English dates back to 1776 when we declared our independence from Great Britain. Technically, we stole Great Britain's language. Still, it is our original language. As I was saying, exactly 215,423,555 people speak English in the US. No other languages come CLOSE to that. Spanish is the next highest, at 28,100,725. [1] English is of course, the most commonly used language in the US. Look at this map:

File:English USC2000 PHS.svg

It shows the English language throughout all 50 states. The darker, the more spoken. Pretty dark, huh? What about this graph? [2]
Languages spoken in U.S. homes Mostly English in the US. [3]
So as you can see, English should be the official language as you said, but I think I explained it better.


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Posted by rvkvyv 5 years ago
I agree! No it shouldn't..thats unfair
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Vote Placed by dtaylor971 5 years ago
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