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Should Europe take refugees in?

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Started: 12/19/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am for letting in refugees, you thoughts?
There is no order to this debate.


No, we shouldn't let any terrorists into our country to infect our culture with Islam, even the Dalai Lama agrees with this:

Debate Round No. 1


First: The title of this debate is "Should Europe take refugees in?"
NOT "Should Europe take terrorists in?". They are two totally different things.

The refugees need a place to go so why not be helpful and let them into European countries?

I will make this crystal clear and will only say it once: Not all muslims are terrorists!
I am a British person who has lived in a mainly muslim country and I cant stand discrimination,
they are kind, wonderful, peaceful people and they are NOT terrorists.

Do you have a problem with Irish people?

Ireland had the terrorist group 'IRA'. ISIS and other terrorist groups
are an extremist group and DO NOT reflect the beliefs of all muslims and the religion of Islam.

Next, do you really agree with something posted by the Huffington post? Services
and journalism like that are all lies they make up, in Britain we only see
the bad side of Islam and the extremist groups on TV and news, it's disgusting
to think that people really believe muslims are a religion that involves terrorism.

Furthermore, not all the refugees we would let in would be muslim, not that
it matters, the religion of a person does not determine whether they should be given
the same rights and freedom as we have in Britain (and the rest of Europe)
So what is the real harm in letting poor people into Europe, they need a place to go,
we in inhabit this world together so we should all be free to go where we need/want


First of all, I said that Islamic culture should not be allowed to infect the West, not that all Muslims are terrorists, though in effect they are- it's called guilt by association, when the Mormons were commiting a fraction of the attrocities committed by Islam, they dissoilved, reconstituted themselves, and differentiated themselves from hose Mormons who were commiting these acts by calling themselves 'the church of the latter day saints,' but thus far no efforts to distringuish themselves have been attempted by any Muslim sect, and thus they're all guilty by association.

Second of all, terrorism is defined as 'the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,' {1} thus a terrorist is defined as someone who uses terror, or threats, to intimidate someone. And most Muslims would fit that definition, :
"study of 162 women and 40 men was conducted in 202 ArabAmerican homes (98% of whom were Muslim). Interviewees approved of a man slapping his wife." {2}
Yes, they're all terrorists, except rather than taking on a nation or group of nations, these scum bags spend their time terrorizing a lady and some kids. And these terrorist groups do represent Islam because that's what their book says to do and that's what their false prophet did- terrorism. If I called myself a Mansonite, and said I followed the teachings of Charles Manson, and got a cult together to follow Mansonism, the FBI would bust down my door and haul us all off to prison for cultic behavior, and Islam should receive no special treatment.

Third of all, these guys are not refugees, a refugee, as per the Geneva Convention's definition, is someone who is in danger of oppression based on his/her religion or race- in which case these guys are just random dirt bags, the refugees are the Syrian Christians and Jews, who Obama and the rest of the west are not admitting because they only want terrorists.


Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DarkDebate 1 year ago
I really couldn't be bothered with this debate. Which isn't something i normally do, i'm not a quitter, but this was definitely an exception.
I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that i disagree with every single aspect of this guys argument.
It's people like him that make me hate humanity, not everyone, just people like this.

All of what he said is bull. I have every kind of evidence against everything he's
said, if anyone wants to discuss this at length, message me and i will tell you all i know.

R.I.P my faith in humanity.
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