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Should Fidget Spinners BE allowed in School?

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Started: 1/29/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Who decides if a fidget spinner can be used in class? IS it good for one or good for all?


"Who decides if a fidget spinner can be used in class?"

Usually the board of education at the school decides.

"IS it good for one or good for all?"

Fidget spinners aren't good for all, because not everyone is a "fidgeter." But still, there are many of these "fidgeters" in schools, and things like fidget spinners can help them concentrate by being comfortable by fidgeting with something. I'm a "fidgeter" myself, I just like to fidget with other things rather than a fidget spinner. And fidgeting indeed helps my performance in school.

In summary, fidget spinners should be allowed in schools since it helps many students perform well in classes and gives them a more comfortable environment to learn it, especially for students with A.D.H.D. or any other disorders or disabilities.
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Posted by 2beornot2be 3 years ago
Should Fidgets Spinners be allowed at school


Fidget spinners also called(fidgets), but i think that fidgets should be allowed at schools because some kids might be special kids.Some fidgets are used in school maybe for a number of reasons some are used because they are educational tools,bring joy,and build concentration.

In conclusion my position here was that i think that fidgets should be allowed at school and there should be a paper saying that you need one but if you don"t have a paper then you don"t bring on to school that simple.
Posted by 2beornot2be 3 years ago
Should fidget spinners be banned in schools, Yes.
Even though fidget spinners are fun toys, they can be dangerous and should be banned in schools.I disagree with fidget spinners being allowed in schools. One fidget spinners can cause some problems but multiple fidget spinners will cause many problems to the school and user.

The first reason is that it was never proven that fidget spinners calm people down. Stores and sellers market it as a stress relief toy but there was no direct evidence that supports this claim. Many psychologist are suspicious about this claim.

The second reason is that fidget spinners are distracting kids from learning in classes or from paying attention. Kids all around the United States are getting their fidget spinners taken away because fidget spinners are becoming a distraction worldwide.

The third reason is that fidget spinners can cause injuries. In Australia, a child was playing with a fidget spinner but then got hit in the eye. He got a severe eye injury. Fidget spinners are also a choke hazard. There was many reports of kids getting injured or dying from choking on the small parts of fidget spinners. According to The Guardian, many fidget spinners with sharp parts are being sold on ebay for high prices. One of these designs is the shuriken, which is an very sharp star used by ninjas in Japan.

In conclusion, I believe that fidget spinners should not be allowed in schools for all these reasons. Fidget spinners should be saved for the weekends or after school.
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