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Should France require that 40% of all music on the radio is in French?

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Started: 10/1/2017 Category: Society
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Would you like to be restricted to what kind of music you listen to? In my argument, I say that music is a personal preference and should not be controlled by the government. One of the human rights stated by the United Nations is the right to rest and leisure. Part of leisure and relaxation is listening and enjoying the kind of music you want to listen to. You could say you could change the station that the music is playing, but shouldn't you listen to the stations you want without having to change the music? Also, French music is much less copious than music in other languages, leading to repetition of more songs and lacking diversity in music. Remember, you would have to listen to those songs 40% of the time. Like most people, their favorite type of music isn't country. 4% of people say country is their favorite. If I had to listen to the radio with 40% country music playing all the time would be hard.



The radio is a bad place to go to if you want to listen to certain types of music that you like. If I was French then I would really like this idea, mostly because I want to be able to hear a significant amount of music that I can understand. It is not violating a human right to make 40% of the music on the radio a language that you can understand. It does not either violate leisure and relaxation for someone to have to change the radio station. Although it may lead to a lack of diversity in music, there is the other 60% for if you really want to listen to music in another language, and, either way, I would sacrifice that to listen to the types of music I would understand and believe that others would as well. It definitely not 96% of French people who don't like French music, so your country argument is not valid.

I require no sources for this argument as I did not state any statistics, rather explain what is wrong with the opponent's statistics.
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