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Should Gay People Be Able to Get Married?

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Started: 11/26/2018 Category: People
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First of all thank you to the person who is willing to challenge me because i like to debate. Now the real argument, So just think Gay People getting married pretty simple right but when you go deeper you realize that its just people getting married. Imagine if There was a law saying that White People Couldn't get married What would you do? I can imagine you would be Angry. So what you just imagined is what they feel like. Gay People Are People. But if i am being real about it i like them more than straight people like if your a girl then you meet a gay guy he likes guys too so y'all might as well become friends. If your a guy and you meet a lesbian girl she likes girls so you have something in common like stop hating on them because they are just like you.


No. Marriage has traditionally been between a man and a woman. God designed the two genders two compliment each other in a legalized heterosexual marriage with the husband as the head of the house. You can't just redifine entire institutions and not have society suffer. What about the religious liberty of Christian businesses that don't want to participate. A Christian baker was taken to court for excercizing his right to religious liberty.
Debate Round No. 1


Really? Yet another hater out of the millions in the world. Gay people are nothing less than anybody in this world. Yes i am Very much Heterosexual, But that doesn't mean that others have to be. Everyone has opinions, Just like others do you believe that gay people are going to go to hell? Because if you do you need to think about it really good then tell me. Just because it says it in the bible doesn't mean that it is to be God judges not the Bible, God. But if you want to talk about it not religiously well you should know that i am actually not trying to redefine entire institutions and not have society suffer but trying to change what they think.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Pro wins!
Posted by PointProven 3 years ago

1. God doesn't exist so please don't base your arguments on what he did and didn't do
2. People who don't share your religious beliefs get married all the time but you have no problem with that
3. Fucc you
Posted by Block.19 3 years ago
A few things that con doesn't seem to realize:
1. While the bible does state that God made Eve to compliment Adam, He did not do it in any "legal way". By that i mean there were no vows made nor oath taken. From the moment Eve was made she was Adams wife.
2. Marriage existed long before Christianity
3. The government can not make a law based on one or any religious viewpoint
4. Traditionally speaking marriage was not a union between a man and a women, But a union between two families assets. Parents did have the legal right to prevent a marriage from occurring, Not to mention the (now illegal) ages that a couple could be and still be wed.
5. Same sex marriages were common place and existed in medieval Europe, China, Rome, Greece, And Egypt; they were even mentioned in the bible.
6. If you want to use the Judaeo-christian form of sacred matrimony, Then you must require both parties to be baptized otherwise it would not be recognized as a holly union.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
It still is not that simple, Does the State of democracy have the right is one question?

Does the State of republic have the right is a second question?

Is the state obligated to treat all relationship the same? Yes, It is. As this obligation is a test to impartiality not equality. A declaration of Independence is made by impartiality Binivir, Or UnosMulier. This is important as impartiality may be found incapable of self-defense.
Posted by GuitarSlinger 3 years ago
The term "married' shouldn't be used. I think the right questions to be asked are:

1) Does the State (Government, Etc) have the right to recognize, Promote or encourage one or more relationships over another?
2) Is the State (Government, Etc) obligated to treat all relationships the same.

Keep in mind the questions are about relationships, Not people-- it's a subtle but very important difference.

Not all relationships are equal. Some provide a benefit to the State/Government/Society that others don't. As a result, The answer to the first question is YES. The answer to the 2nd question is No.
Posted by John_C_1812_II 3 years ago
It is not legal the crime of perjury simply is not enforced due to its complicated process of proving. However the person who is telling the lie can admit to the perjury. The problem is that the group hosting the public notification did not provide a common defense. Discrimination does not negate or create immunity to perjury on an official document. The Idea that plagiarizing outside of educational institutions is legal by legislation becomes a public issue form many reasons.
The manipulation of a witness in a public event by those who have been witnessed themselves is just the start. This action is illegal as it is the creation of perjury. What"s worse is they are punished publicly for not having the correct answer.
Perjury upon conviction is punishable as a felony which means the Constitutional civil right to vote is lost. On top of this the obligation of Marriage as a licensed process of legal witnessing of likely-hood due to the creation of citizens of a nation that the public is part ask to take part of. This simple does not exist in other type likely-hoods as it is legal precedent that medical licensing and educational degrees have been used to start citizenship but abort the process independent from the union of man and woman directly.
It should be kept in understanding there is an ongoing pubic accusation of crime which goes on with this process as well. Unrelated to the witness perjury.
Posted by McSloth 3 years ago
How exactly is society suffering from allowing gay people to marry? Keep in mind its been legal since 2015 and everything seems to be going good for the most part. Also marriage isn't just a Christian thing, Neither is it strictly religious ceremony. There are a ridiculous amount of legal benefits for people who are married, Who plenty of people seek. Also what about the baker? His case has nothing to do with the legality of gay marriage. It has to do with people being able to refuse service to others on the basis of religious belief, At the end of the day that court case isn't going to change the ability of gay people to get married, Its just going to make wedding planning a bit more annoying.
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