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Should Girls be allowed to play on Boys sports team

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Started: 1/6/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Girls Should be allowed to play on Guys sports team because they're just as athletic as us men


Being that there is no other argument apart from the athleticism of men to women, I will dispute that.

Though a push for equality is important in American and other western societies, this does not ignore biological differences in men and women. Men physically have a higher capability of forming muscle through testosterone. Testosterone also creates a different bone structure to that of women. This gives men the ability to grow more muscle, and overall have a larger body appearance.

Some examples of why men and women are in separate sports are prominent through swimming, running, basketball, and soccer. The first example is in swimming where Katie Ledecky, who has the record by 9 seconds of all women to ever compete in the 400m freestyle, is still 16 seconds behind the men's world record. In running, women's world records closely resemble a division 3 men's division champion team, which is far less than men Olympic runners. Third we have basketball where NCAA Division 1 men's teams average 67 points per game, and women's teams average only 60 points. Lastly in soccer the no. 5 women's soccer team in the world lost 7-0 to a 15u men's soccer team.

These show the disparity in men's and women's sports ability, as well as the biological reason as to why these disparities occur. Because of these, women would not be able to prosper on men's teams, and it could result in the belittling of women compared to men.

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Posted by Ozzie 2 years ago
Chelsea_C04 elite sport, like it or not, is about winning. Unfortunately the biological differences between the sexes mean it would be almost impossible for a woman to match or beat a man at the highest level at competition. This puts mixed teams at a huge disadvantage to men's teams that outweighs the good done for equality. Let sports be sports and not get mixed up in a social agenda.
Posted by Chelsea_C04 2 years ago
I think sports are for everyone. Anyone could play any sport with anyone. It does suck when people say, "you can't because you're a girl." Not every girl is going to moan and complain about everything. If a girl wants to get down in some football with the guys let her. Girls are tough. It's always fun to do something new. Sports are for everyone. Just learn to be tough.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
no. sexual harassment and abuse. Fingers and gropes, and even conspiracy concerning attraction.

have a mixed league if someone wants to sponsor it. Don't allow girls into boys leagues.
It's not about skill.
It's about handsiness and emotion.
Posted by Iacov 2 years ago
Should boys be allowed to compete in girls sports leagues?
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