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Should Hazbin Hotel demons like Alastor exist in real life (if we could make fiction real)?

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Started: 6/13/2021 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Voting Period
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Demons from ANY forms of fiction should NEVER exist in real life as they are purely evil by nature. I know those are just fiction and are just for entertainment to escape from reality for a while, But it would be disastrous if demons from Hazbin Hotel were to become reality, And we would have to find ways to deal with them such as religious artifacts, Which can harm fictional evil creatures/characters like Hazbin Hotel demons. One of the most deadly Hazbin Hotel demons of the bunch includes Alastor the Radio Demon, Who would have the most negative impact to our world if demons like him were real. Lets hope that no one ever tries to experiment and make dangerous creatures like Hazbin Hotel demons real.

Note: This is a repost since I accidentally left the other version of this debate only with 1 week to vote. Sorry about that! >_<


Try making your debates longer, I think if you do people will be more inclined to accept them.

I believe demons should exist, For they area epitome of evil itself, You see, Demons are there to warn humanity of the evil of Sin, Or if you are an atheist, Doing bad acts. Demons are not evil in nature as some might suspect, Just as the Devil is not "Evil" but instead more of a punished servant. The Devil is there to test humanity, And if they fail, Make sure they stay inside hell. Demons are extension of the Devil and so are not evil in nature either, If Demons existed so would the Devil, And so the Demons would not be evil per say, But extension of the Devil, Which itself is simply a punished servant of God. This might be why Gods star, And the pentagram are just upside down version's of themselves, As the Devil is also and extension of God, Just punished
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Posted by dinolover4242 1 month ago
I hope it'll be six months of voting period rather than just a week.
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