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Should Hillary be president over Trump?

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Started: 11/5/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think Hillary should be president because I think she has more expiriance and is more fit for the job. She has bad things about her but I think she will help the economy a lot as well.


Hillary Clinton isn't fit for jack-diddly-squat, she is a felon, a traitor, a sex-offender, she's married to a rapist, defended a rapist in 1975 (and laughed about him being guilty of raping a 12 year old girl).

She's a racist, her mentor was a KKK leader, she was a "Goldwater Girl," and aid that black people were super-predators. She sold US Military Technology to China, sold our Uranium to Russia, accepted 10-25 million dollars from Saudi Arabi, accepted billions of dollars through her foundation to help Haiti, but pocketed it all and gave exactly 0$ of other peoples money to Haiti.

She raped Cathy O'brein, her top aid, Huma Aberdein, is tied to the Muslim brotherhood and her (Huma's) mother is one of the top advocates for FGM. She mishandled Classified information and even left classified files in a Chinese Hotel. She is also related to a real estate scandal called WhiteWater, did nothing during the Bengazi attack and let American Citizens die, then blamed it all on a youtube video.

This lady has sh*t for qualifications, her "30 years in public service," was spent sitting arund doing nothing but compromising US Security. She hasn't ackomplished anything in her Senate tems either, as a matter she only ever passed 3 bills, 1 named a post office, another named a treet, an another established a monument as Federal Land.

This woman is a joke folks, we have a Neo-Nazi Felon running for office, with no qualifications whatsoever save naming a post office and compromising US Security. Anything that could be wrong with a candidate IS WRONG WITH THIS CANDIDATE. She isn't even the legitimate nominee of the Democratic Party, that's Bernie Sanders, he won New York AND California, they just knocked Bernie voters off the balot, gave Hillary a few hundred SuperDelagates, and even announced that she won California, BEFORE the voting even started! Vermin Supreme woulkd be a better President than this clown, and I'm serious about this, at lest Vermin isn't a fellon and a sex offender, he didn't sell US Military Technology to China either.

Hell, you could pick up some random bum-bag sitting by the road and he would be a better President than Hillary Clinton; and this applies to Trump no less. He's a shady buisnessman and defended a rapist, but Hillary is a felon and a traitor, and she IS a Rapist, she's a freaking pedophile. It's beyond me how anyone can in good conscious vote for this dirtbag. It really is, you cannot vite for a worse candidatethan Hillary Clinton because there is no such candidate.

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Posted by iambrandon 2 years ago
For the record i support neither Hillary or Trump, I am commenting because I want to bring attention to the fact that a number of claims made about Hillary by RonPaulConservative either have insufficient evidence or are flat out wrong. I am only here to stop the spread of false information so we can instead focus on the truth because there are still plenty of true criticisms about Hillary that you have described well.

False Claims:
Sold our Uranium to Russia - false
Accepted millions* of dollars through her foundation to help Haiti (not billions)
Pocketed it all and gave exactly 0$ of other peoples money to Haiti -false, but you could make an argument that the money was not used in the best way to support the people of Haiti (really good website check it out)

That is all the time I have just to make it clear I in no way support Hillary Clinton!
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