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Should Human cloning be allowed in the United States of Americe

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Started: 2/23/2018 Category: Education
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I think human cloning should be allowed because of many ( four ) reasons. My first reason is that, If a mother ends up not having a child because of some infection, she can get a cloned child and this does not hurt the original child. The mother of the original child may not be happy though. My second reason is that, it can help our army ( although their lives will not be a grown man so rhey can fight lter or be cloned when they are young ) . Lets just say the United States of America waged war against another country ( or the other way around where another country waged war on us, and that is very possible by North Korea
). My third and last reason is that, If a person dies their family members may grieve a lot. To stop that cloning the man/woman who died will stop them from doing so, and will leave everyone happy ( well, maybe except for the man/woman who died ). Although the family members will think he/she is still alive he/she is not. Only another version of the body is still alive not the brain, and as a result he/she will restart their lives


Thank you for inviting me to this debate. I hope we can have a clean and productive debate, while exchanging our views on this stance.

First, here is a reason why I believe we should not clone humans. It is completely unnecessary. The USA is not in need of making clones of other humans. Even if we did need to clone someone, it would be incredibly expensive, even if we nailed it on the first try. Back in 1996, The Roslin Institute in the UK cloned Dolly, a sheep. Everyone was ecstatic, but it also took 277 tries. That means there were 276 deformed or imperfect sheep that were cloned, which were eventually killed. Cloning a human is not only harder than cloning a sheep, but it is also more dangerous. There would be WAY more casualties in attempting to clone a human than a sheep. There could have been more easier techniques used, or different ones for humans, but ultimately it would not be worth it. There is no highly beneficial reason to clone someone.

So here are some counter arguments to your reasons.
1) If you clone a sick (or infected) child, most likely the clone will have that same disease. Cloning someone who has a deformity or disease will most likely pass it on to the clone. It is not worth it to clone someone who is sick.
2) I believe the technique you believe will be used is sort of like a cloning machine, make a copy of that person, at that age, in that time (and help correct me if this is wrong). If this is your belief, we just do not have the technology for that kind of cloning. This kind of cloning may never be available. The type of cloning that The Roslin Institute conducted was injecting a female egg with male white sheep embryonic cells. They then ejected the fertilized egg into the female sheep, the real Dolly, and it gave birth to the clone.
3) Although you have a valid point here, I do not believe people should do this. Let us say you are dating someone. You have been together for a long time. All of a sudden, she breaks up with you. You are heartbroken, so the only way to fill the gap is to get another girlfriend. Then eventual she breaks up with you, and you get a new girlfriend, and the cycle continues. Eventually, you will get your heart broken, but that does not mean you should go out and do the exact same thing. That is not fixing anything. If anything, it is breaking you more. Plus, death is inevitable. We should not try to fill in our sadness with the past memories, although we should not completely block it out. That person who died wants the best of you, they want you to be happy. They do not want you to continue to think of them, because you get sad. The whole point of it is that you should move on. It will happen eventually. And while you move on, you should never forget the good times. Cloning the person will just make them mad. Now there is two of them. You are almost lowering their value by creating more and more of that person. The point from this counter argument is, do not clone a dead relative.
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