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Should It Be Illegal To Smoke?

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Started: 9/30/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hey, I am taking the stance as a pro. This debate is on: Should smoking be Illegal? Place your first argument. Good luck!!!


If smoking were to be illegal, then the number of complaints we would hear would sky rocket! Because think of the people that would have to quit smoking, I could only imagine how hard it is, and WE have to live with them! That means that the kids with parents that smoke would watch their mom or dad popping pills in the kitchen to quit smoking! And then they if they can't do it, they get a ticket or something? How fair does that seem!?
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I get that that would be hard for them to go through that, but imagine how happy they would be if they stopped smoking. It is better for our and community to quit smoking. It will also be better for smoking to be illegal because some people wish to quit, but they can't. So if we make it illegal, they will have to stop.
Here are popular things that happen to smokers.

- 90% of lung cancers and the more number of women who die annually from lung cancer than breast cancer
- More than 80% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
- It increases the risk of death for men and women
- Increased risk of coronary heart disease by 2 to 4 times
- Increased risk of stroke by 2 to 3 times
- Increased risk of lung cancer for men by 25 times
- Increased risk of lung cancer for women by 25.7 times
- Greater risk of cardiovascular disease
- Greater risk of respiratory disease

That's how bad it is. Do you want the world to suffer like that?
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CalebIMclean 2 years ago
I'm not banning everything. I thing it should be illegal to SMOKE. And that's my opinion.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Alcohol destroys the body. Car fumes destroy the body and cause cancer. Car crashes destroy the body. Eating charred food can cause cancer. Suntanning can cause cancer. Being overweight can cause cancer. Red meat, high calorie foods, greasy foods, refined grain and alcohol can all increase cancer risk.

Either we have freedom or we have safety. I choose freedom instead of banning everything risky or dangerous.
Posted by CalebIMclean 2 years ago
We are doing a debate in the comments.
Posted by Sound_Reason 2 years ago
The problem here however is smoking is not a method in which you potentially harm yourself. Smoking actively destroys the structure of the lungs, and degrades lung tissue and breathing quality. With every individual smoke, you damage your respiratory system and drastically increase the chances of developing cancer.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
I hate how this site wants you to cite your sources, as if we do not all have google. We can all google that stuff if we don't believe. We can find the sources ourselves. We can find other sources that contradict the stats.

Citations were important 20 years ago but now they don't matter at all. We can all look up stats and sources within a minute.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Smokers claim it helps their nerves and emotional wellbeing. My bigger point is about freedom. We should be free to do things that potentially harm us. I can go skydiving. I can climb Mount Everest. I can walk around shady neighborhoods at 3am. You cannot legislate personal safety. Freedom is much much much more important than safety, especially personal safety.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin - Those who choose to give up freedom for safety deserve neither.

Even Hitler used that tactic. He made Germans afraid then gave them the choice of being free or safe. They chose safety and you end up with WW2.

Any time you take away freedom from people you take one step closer to fascism.
Posted by CalebIMclean 2 years ago
Well true TheBebC, but car's help people get around, smoking doesn't help us with anything. It just kills people.
Posted by Khons 2 years ago
CaleblMclean Cite your sources
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
No way should smoking be illegal. If you want to make something illegal just because it is harmful then you should go after cars too. They kill a lot of people.
Posted by jmhbyeu 2 years ago
Good Debate
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