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Should It Be Mandatory for Kids All Ages to Choose an Extra Curricular They Are Passionate About?

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Started: 12/7/2018 Category: Health
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Should it be mandatory for kids all ages to pick an extra-curricular they are passionate about?

I would say yes. The first reason would be since the child is passionate about their art (could range from MMA to Art, To Basket to soccer, Or anything else that is not taught at school) then they can relieve stress in a healthy way while getting time off of their wild schedule of the modern world. There also might be a rise in standard curriculum (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) grades because of the little stress, Longer sleep time, And much more. Think about it a world where there isn't a lot of stress for kids and they are still happy and healthy at the same time!


I think what this boils down to is, If a child does something they enjoy, Then they will be relieved of stress, Therefore children should do things they enjoy. I agree with this statement completely

What I don't agree with is that this should be limited to extra curricular activities, I also disagree with it being mandatory.

Firstly, "extra curricular".
Let's say that I agreed with it being mandatory, But I wanted to expand the limit to more than just extra curricular activities. For example, Programming? What makes an activity less beneficial if it is taught in schools?
Apart from that I would also like you to clarify what you mean by extra curricular. For example, Would mathematics be counted as extra curricular, If the child was covering subjects not taught in school?

Secondly, "mandatory".
You're argument is that forcing children into extra curricular activities, Has health benefits. I would argue that they can also have the opposite effect, I. E. Forcing children to do something they don't want to do is not going to relieve stress. Now you may argue that you're only forcing them to do things they want to do, But then, Why is it mandatory? Surely, If a child wants to do an extra curricular they wouldn't need to be forced to do it? I argue that making extra curricular activities optional would allow children to relieve stress from things they enjoy, Whilst not being forced to do something they would not enjoy.

Lastly, I would like a few more things clarified.
Would these extra curricular activities be taught in school time, And would there be a monetary cost?
When you say mandatory, Do you mean that schools would be required to give this as an option, Or that children would be forced to choose one, Or both?
What would happen if a child wants to do an extra curricular that the school doesn't provide?
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