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Should Jurassic World Raptors Exist In Real Life?

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Started: 8/3/2018 Category: Entertainment
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No, Jurassic World raptors should NOT exist. They're very predatory (probably even more so than real predators such as lions, Tigers, Etc) and much more aggressive (probably even more so than real aggressive animals like hippos, Etc). People shouldn't be trying to take them like that famous scene in Jurassic World, Since Jurassic Park raptors would see people as food instead of leaders. I never want people having Jurassic World raptors replacing dogs and cats as pets if taming Jurassic World raptors were successful, As that would spell doom to our beloved cats and dogs (being homeless, Hungry, Etc) after Jurassic World raptors took away their fame due to Jurassic World raptors becoming more popular. Jurassic World raptors would still retain some aggression so they would be still unpredictable, Death counts from Jurassic World raptor attacks would be significantly much higher than that of dog attacks. We should leave Jurassic World raptors as pure fictional creatures.


I know you were very specific in that you were talking about Jurassic park raptors, But for the record, Actual velociraptors were only 25lbs and essentially were harmless, Skinny, Long, Chickens. As for the fictional raptors in Jurassic park, Their agression is exactly why they would not replace pets. Even though they appear somewhat tame in the recent movie, There are tigers and bears that can be similarly trained, And they have not replaced house pets. This is because like you said, They are still far too unpredictable. Finally, The science that would go into creating Jurassic park raptors would be very benificial to human medicine. Understanding how animals, Even raptors, Develop in an embryo could lead to advances in human medicine which lead to decreased rates of miscarriages and healthier babies.
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Posted by LightTower936 3 years ago
I know that. I understand that there were real raptor dinosaurs (other than bird of prey raptors) that existed, And I understand that Velociraptor was small compared to Utahraptor and raptors in general having feathers and having wings, Not pronated hands. I meant like fictionalized raptors with no feathers and having pronated hands.
Posted by picklerickfaggotboi 3 years ago
this is quite possibly the dumbest hecking thing ive ever read, Raptors irl were smaller than chickens, They were the size of a compy but utah raptors were as big as the velociraptors int he movies, Velociraptors were omnivores that primarily ate bugs and scavenged dead animals
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