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Should Kids Be Able To Wear Their Holloween Costumes To School?

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Started: 10/14/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I do not believe kids of any age should wear Halloween costumes to school because it creates a distraction to the learning environment and simply school just is not the appropriate time or place to be wearing costumes.


I accept your debate.

Firstly, it is not really all that big of a distraction. Other things happen in schools such as construction, louder class-rooms, people in the hallways, noises outside which can all be said are distractions. However, kids have a way of being able to tune out these distractions and continue to work.

Secondly, wearing costumes to school is fun! Even teachers dress up and it is all done in a cheerful and humorous manner. It's nice to have a bit of fun and excitement to take the edge off stressful days filled with work and the idea of homework after school. I personally see no problem to kids dressing up for a bit of fun around the holidays, especially Halloween.

As a side note I am a high school student in Canada and I don't really know if any other school systems run differently in different countries (the USA).
Debate Round No. 1


I understand your point of kids at school already having distractions and being able to tune them out, but with Halloween costumes that just adds on top of those distractions and just calls away kids from their schoolwork.

Everyday distractions, like what you mentioned: construction, other students, and other noises, are all regular sounds that kids face all the time, giving them the ability to drown the sounds out. Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Centre for the Biology of Memory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have discovered that the brain starts to tone out the noises that it knows and hears on a regular basis and focuses on the one thing that the brain wants to focus on. Therefore students who normally hear those noises drown them out when they are doing school work. I'm aware that students would be able to drown out the costumes, but costumes are applied with sight, not sound and sight would be a new, different distraction. In every classroom there will be some distractions, but with costumes that just pushes the boundaries and kids wont focus.

I do agree that wearing Halloween costumes to school would be fun, but the purpose of school is to learn, not to come to school with mom-made costumes.

The purpose the first school was made was to make school a safe environment for kids to get an education so that they can succeed in the real world. Kids are not learning if there things like feathers, tails, and wigs to get in the way. You never know, even though the kids would wear costumes for only one day, that one day of learning lost that could of been filled with beneficial lessons could affect some child's life. This is also why some schools have a dress code in place, to also give kids the chance to learn without the classroom distractions of someone's revealing tank top. Thus school is a place for kids to learn, not to sidetrack them with the excitement that Halloween costumes can bring.

To add on to that, if kids really want to show off their costumes to their friends why not have a Halloween school dance? That way kids wont be learning and would have some fun with their buddies.

I am a middle school student in Texas, and my school would never allow us to wear Halloween costumes because of the reasons I listed. They have a very strict dress code as it is, and costumes would just be chaos.


I understand what you are saying about the distractions of costumes in the classroom but I stand by what I say when these aren't that big of distractions. What would happen if kids were distracted by everything their classmates are wearing, say, some weird hats or socks? What I am trying to say, in simplest form, is that kids are used to distractions and while it may cause a bit of excitement at first they are not going to spend the entire class gawking at someone. Give them a little more credit, they don't just get distracted at the smallest things; otherwise they would never learn anything. Because although they may get used to sounds like construction or sounds in the hallway there are always going to be something happening that is different then routine; kids have just learned to work around those things. So in that case, I'm sure they can bypass something as simple as one of their classmates wearing something different for one day.

Second point; although I agree with you that you come to school to learn, I see no problem with learning AND having fun. You CAN do both. And another thing, I do not think that missing one day of learning will directly endanger a kids future. Kids get sick, kids now have jobs, hell, half the time kids skip school! Actually going to school and having fun while learning is something everyone wants and something everyone needs to get through the stress of life.

And may I just say I object to you saying that kids would get distracted by someone's "revealing tank top." While I would love to tear into you for that this is not what this debate is about and therefore I am dropping the subject. But I can say that if you think that is so distracting, and with the fact most schools don't have dress codes, how do you think kids learn and graduate? Just because someone may be wearing to short of a shirt does that mean all those kids are going to suddenly not concentrate on what the teacher is saying and fail? No, because kids are more mature than that. Like I've said, give them more credit, they aren't stupid.

To top that off, let me give you an example. At my school there is no dress code and they are really not strict at all with what you wear (Maybe it's because I live in Canada, and not the States?) and a lot of people there wear very short-shorts and tank tops, so you can even see the girls bras. If what you say is true then most, if not all, of the students at my school should be distracted all the time and then fail. I see no logic in your argument for that.

As for the Halloween dance, let me ask. Who is going to pay for this? Who is going to clean it up? Does the school have enough money for this? There is a lot of work involved to throw a dance and some schools simply just don't have the money to pull it off.

A last point: Say a day leading up to Halloween (when people would wear costumes) can you honestly say all the kids are even paying attention? With the excitement of a holiday right in front of them I would be surprised if you can say they have 100% of their attention focused on school-work. Even adults would find it difficult not to be slightly distracted with that anticipation of fun. Also with that, a lot of kids are going to go out and party on holidays like Halloween, and they are probably going to get drunk and be stupid. And so I highly doubt many would even show up to school the next day.

Sorry about that last point, it really was less of a point and more of something to think about, regarding this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Madipony2000 forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited the last round I can't rebuttal his last case. So, I'll just draw this debate to a close and hope you vote pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debaterpillar 5 years ago
Reasons for voting decision:

Who did you agree with before/after the debate: As I already posted during debating period, I might be a bit biased since I loved wearing costumes on Halloween in school. I will however try to vote as objectively as I can.

Who had better conduct: For the first two rounds both debaters had great conduct, and that would have been a tie, if Con hadn't forfeited the last round, which has to be counted as bad conduct. Therefore, this point goes to Pro.

Who had better spelling a grammar: Quite the same for both debaters, none was significantly better or worse than the other.

Who had more convincing arguments: Con stated that wearing costumes was a distraction, and Pro presented three refuting arguments (tuning them out, schools without dress code, holiday excitement) of which Con tackled only the first one. The issue whether both fun and learning should be present in schools remained unresolved, as Pro and Con simply had different opinions. Con's statement that one day of distraction might have effects on a student's life was actually weakening Con's argumentation, as Pro was able to show that this specific argument is very dubious, therefore questioning the entire relevance of Con's position. Con might have had a good rebuttal to this, but due to the forfeit we cannot know. With Pro addressing a great deal of different aspects, whereas Con mainly concentrated on one leading argument only (which was as mentioned fundamentally questioned by Pro), Pro had the more convincing arguments altogether.

Who used the most reliable sources: No sources were stated. Only Con briefly addressed research of the Kavli Institute, but this study mainly supported what her opponent Pro said, so I cannot really count it.
Posted by Debaterpillar 5 years ago
This is actually my Halloween tradition! I started wearing a costume in school every Halloween - even though I was the only one - and I'm still doing it at college. Come on, it's things like these you remember all your life.
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Vote Placed by Debaterpillar 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: My RFDs can be found in the comments, as I didn't have enough space to put them here. Thanks to both debaters for an interesting debate.