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Should Kids Be Able to Watch YouTube?

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Started: 1/8/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Should kids be able to watch YouTube? They are some good and educational videos on it, but also inappropriate bad videos.


Should kids be able to watch YouTube? They are some good and educational videos on it, but also inappropriate bad videos.

For this debate, I will assume Kids and Children refer to people under the age of 12. This definition makes the most sense because by the age of 12, most kids will already be exposed to the large majority of terrible stuff on YouTube, and if raised properly, will be aware which content is bad and avoid it. Plus, if you're over 12, you have to pay full fare on the train and I am still salty about that, even after all these years.

Kids should not be allowed to watch YouTube because YouTube is not intended for children, is horribly policed, and is full of terrible content.

Going into this debate, I assume we are not arguing a moral debate because morality is subjective and if that were the case, this debate would be in religion or philosophy, not technology.

YouTube is not intended for children. The minimum age one can watch YouTube is at 13 years old and with a parent approving every video they watch. Of course, nobody follows this rule, but it still exists, and from a by the book perspective, no child should be allowed on YouTube unless they are 13 and have a parents permission.

YouTube is horribly policed. I have just finished a debate on whether Logan Paul should be removed from YouTube. While I argued that Logan Paul should remain on YouTube, this instance shows a very fresh reminder of YouTubes bad policing. The video was a clear policy violation, and they didn't take it down. A human looked at it and decided it could stay. YouTube didn't even remove it. Logan Paul did it himself (thank god). Does this sound like a safe environment for children? I certainly think not. All these major YouTuber's do stupid stuff and they are the one's little children are watching. Logan and Jake Paul use terrible innuendos in their vlogs. The lyrics to their songs are suggestive and inappropriate. PewDiePie, the largest YouTuber, has been in an endless number of controversies. Here are some examples of poisonous controversies popular kids YouTubers have been in.

Faze Banks - Allisa Violet: Started a fight at a bar. Pinned the blame on the bar.

Jake Paul: Sexually Explicit Thumbnail and The Use Of The N word.

PewDiePie: The biggest YouTuber by far, saying the N-word

And the elephant in the room, the suicide video:

Are these the poisonous people we want children watching, our future. It is inevitable that if children go on the site, they will run into one of these mainstream YouTubers. It is inevitable

To change the focus to my next point, how did these things happen? Horrible policing is how. Sure, YouTube cannot be able to determine if a video is bad immediately on its upload, but they take a long time to moderate content and, even when a human does look at it, they often don't do anything about it. With a site with such poisonous people producing most of the mainstream content while having such lackluster policing, we cannot afford to have our young exposed to such a terrible environment.

And before my opponent suggests that the majority of YouTubers produce good content, I wish to say that this, while true, is irrelevant, Who cares if the majority of content is good (which it is not, it is mostly low-quality garbage). Any kid on YouTube will inevitably run into a video that is inappropriate, regardless of who made it. And the videos by popular YouTubers will always be next in that suggestion box, thus leading to a high chance of inappropriate content being consumed.

And as for educational videos, I will not argue whether YouTube videos should be allowed to watch. If you need a YouTube video for education, they are already compiled on sites like Khan Academy and the Crash Course, and the number of external distributors of YouTube videos only grows. For younger children, YouTube Kids (however flawed) does exist.

In short, children should not be allowed to watch YouTube because of the impossibility of avoiding toxic and dangerous content, while being able to receive the majority of its benefits via external aggregates.
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Posted by Berserkerben 3 years ago
Yes, but children are not stupid. They know what they want to watch and what is not disgusting. Why would kids watch those idiots" videos? There is a lot of better content on YouTube.
Posted by baneofthecivilized 3 years ago
Also, if you want to see my past debate, here it is:
It is in the voting period and i would appreciate votes (even for the other guy, I just want there to be a winner)
Posted by baneofthecivilized 3 years ago
To answer @KostasT.1526

Disclaimer: I am not debating my own opinion. I am merely debating for fun.

To answer your question from a debate perspective, the costs of letting a child watch YouTube exceed the benefits. As for more control, this is an idealistic point. Surely that would be the best solution, but it will never work. Adult already don't take advantage of the child control options available to them and children who are affected learn how to get around them. Also, we aren't debating to find the solution to the problem, we are debating to see if children should be allowed to watch YouTube as it currently is,(and as it will be for the foreseeable future) the answer is clearly no.

If you are interested in a debate as well, I like debating and this site is a fun place to do it. So if you want to debate this issue (or any other) just PM me or challenge me.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Do you disagree with the solution of control over which videos children can see when on Youtube, and, if so, why?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Forbidding watching Youtube videos is not the solution, as there is quite good educational material, for example the videos of Crash Course (Crash Course history, philosophy, physics, chemistry, mathematics et cetera), The Science Asylum, Veritasium, Bill Nye and more. I would instead. suggest control over what a child can see when roaming the internet though.
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