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Should Kids be Able to Drink

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Started: 4/3/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I say anyone should be able to drink if they want.


Opening Argument:

The current global population is simply unsustainable. Each year, humanity consumes the Earth's resources at a greater pace than the Earth can replenish them. According to Paul Ehrlich, Bing professor of population studies at Stanford University in California, the ideal world population is approximately 1.5 to 2 billion inhabitants. [1] This is well below the SEVEN BILLION who currently live in on this planet. In order to reduce the potential risk of civilizational ending conflict or disease, it would be in the best interest of humanity as a whole to drastically reduce the global population.

To this end, it would not make sense to target the old as a means of reducing the global population, as their time on this planet is much more limited than the young. As such, an effective means of reducing global population would be to disallow children from drinking water, and other substances neccessary for their continued living. From a global perspective, it would be a just and moral course of action.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my argument.

Debate Round No. 1


Children and young people are advised not to drink alcohol before the age of 18 because it kills brain cells. But what if kids could just take a test like how high of a proof can you drink?, How much? then you would know they were responsible and if they just drink to much then that's there fault.


I would agree with some of the recommendations pro has made in R2, but only to a certain extent. Rather than administering tests to fully formed human children, we should study the affects of alcohol on mental development by forcing soon to be mothers to consume alcohol in quantities lethal to her fetus.

Once again however, the planet is already full. The last thing we should be doing is encouraging children to drink anything. Full stop.
Debate Round No. 2


Kids have rights they have FREEDOM make it so they can do whatever they want especially drink alcohol.MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. BUILD A WALL (not democratic).


I agree with a lot of what my opponent has stated in this round of debate. Kids should have the right to get piss drunk on the daily, but only once we"ve drastically reduced the global population. Until such a time though, children should not be allowed to drink any kind of substance that would serve to prolong their existence.

As for the wall, it would be a good idea to wall off the impoverished parts of the world and certain domestic areas while we wait for this necessary policy to run its course and work its magic. Make Earth Great Again (MEGA)! If we don"t take these preventive steps, the West will be reduced to a collection of sh*thole nations.

Thank you
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by FoxyAnimates 2 years ago
Its obviously alcohol
Posted by theantiweeaboo 2 years ago
David Cameron strikes again
Posted by NiToTheNah 2 years ago
How would one choose which kids live and which would die? If everyone had one kid, what happens if you have two? You kill them? I mean taking away WATER, the MOST basic of human rights, from a child is a horrible way of killing a child if you were to eliminate children. Also at some point, there would be so many elderly from pre-killing children society, that pensions would be horrible, and the economy would suffer.
Posted by FollowerOfWolfy1996 2 years ago
drink what? be more specific...
Posted by master-de-baiter 2 years ago
are we talking about alchol or water
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