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Should Logan Paul be banned from YouTube?

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Started: 1/5/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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NOOOOO!!! People just wanna have fun and it's completely understandable that people were offended by the dead body and the jokes. But he has apologized and deserves another chance of redemption. His video was taken down as a consequence, now there is no need to kick him off of a website.


Give me strength. Let's put this to bed early.

'People just want to have fun'. Do I even.... *sighs* okay.

The very notion that visiting a forest renowned for suicide and death, in the hopes of finding a corpse is sadistic at the very, very least.

Logan Paul knew exactly what his intentions were, so much so that after recording the video, he boasted about its subsequent and impending upload several times before having the audacity to actually upload it. In uploading it, he included the hanging body in the very thumbnail of the video, for indisputably no other purpose than shock, awe and views.

Imagine, if you would, that you returned home from school, college or work one day to find that your home was vacant of a loved one, be it your mother or father or sibling. You're curious why they're not home as expected. You call, no answer. This carries on for hours, throughout the evening, throughout the night, you sit awake with the rest of your family wondering where one of the most important and fundamental individuals in your life has gone. Are they hurt? Are they in danger?

Now imagine someone sent you a video, where they found a body, but that body was, for example, the body of your mother. In the unparalleled agony and loss that immediately hits you with the knowledge that a literal light of your life has been extinguished, you can barely think, breathe, speak, understand anything outside of the knowledge that your heart and soul are collapsing inside of you.

She will never see you grow up. Never see you marry, graduate, have children, never see you grow and flourish with pride.

Now imagine that a boy, not a man of respect and consideration and humility, but a immature child used your dead mother to grab people's attention. Imagine him laughing because it's just a body. It's no one. It's not even a person, it's just something.

Imagine the pain and agony and heartbreak that your mother endured in her final moments as she put that rope around her neck. Now imagine a boy, posing with her in the background, giggling whilst wearing a toy story alien hat.

Everything the Paul Brothers do is idiotic. Everything they do is moronic and stupid and narcissistic and pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, undebatable nonsense.

It's because of people like the Paul Brothers that convince you, through their actions, that uploading a video of a dead body, somebody's son or father or brother, is not only okay, but fun and acceptable. If you believe this, you are sociopathic. Logan Paul is sociopathic.

Also, understand that above all else, he is an actor and a entertainer. The 'apology' was what is commonly referred to as damage control, wherein his agents and masters have informed him that in order to quell the righteous indignation against him, it's in his best interest to apologise.

Of course he apologised, but not out of sorrow. He apologised because to not apologise would mean he would sustain financial loss, negative attention and a loss of subscribers and popularity. That is all.

There are many fine people on YouTube, who create content that is inspiring, motivating, educational, creative and bring something to a morally and emotionally corrupt world. The Paul brothers videos bring nothing to the world but the worship of fame, love of money and material possession and glamourising being an idiot.

These are things that if replicated, will lead to nothing but pain, sadness and failure in your own life.

They are poison, as is their content, it is vapid and toxic to any who view it.

I welcome your response.
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Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Also the con has the intellectual and emotional capacity of a squashed apricot
Posted by Ezpresso 3 years ago
Logan's apology is fake, he doesn't care about the emotional and potential economic impact he had on primarily YouTube, but also on the internet in general. While I think filming a dead corpse, making some 'jokes' about it, then mounting the old moral high-horse and making a few statement regarding suicide prevention is certainly up there in terms of offensiveness, just look at his previous 3-4 videos when he was Japan. The amount of disrespect of the Japanese, both as a country, a culture and as a people is absurd, I beg you (I know this is comparable to intellectual torture) to watch these videos and realize the hypocrisy and stupidity of Logan's 'apology' video, if Logan did care (which he doesn't by the way) he would remove all of the videos, but clearly ad-revenue surpasses moral responsibility and accountability.
Posted by toastyspaghetti 3 years ago
I love it how he brags in his apology and put adds on it.
Posted by Minddagger 3 years ago
instigator quit, wow.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
She won't have an argument. Its impossible.
Posted by ethandude9 3 years ago
this will be fun
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