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Should MacBooks takeover old computers at schools?

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Started: 3/19/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think MacBooks should not be replaced by the older computers. First of all, they stayed on tables and were much safer to handle, because of the access the districts give. But now that I see it today, these MacBooks are pretty hard to handle by teachers, i even have MacBooks at my school, and anyone could just start taking them away, dropping them, hacking, playing, and getting distracted from what they really need, such as resources. Instead of using all the school's funds just for new computers, why not buy more things that we really need for our schools? This is just my perspective of today's thinkings, no hate please :)


They said that older computers should not be replaced by MacBooks because MacBooks are hard to handle. I disagree because I use a MacBook Pro regularly. Even when I bought it, it was not hard to handle at all. I quickly became accustomed to the use of a Mac, and, not to my surprise, it's much better than windows. Therefore, I believe that MacBooks are not at all hard to handle, or at least harder to handle than older computers.

They said that they should buy more useful things for our schools. I disagree because MacBooks are extremely useful. A top of the line computer is one of the main necessities of a child's education. Yes, there are older computers, but MacBooks are the best that there are in my opinion. Therefore, it is not "wasting" money on MacBooks, so the older computers should be replaced by MacBooks.

I believe that the older computers should be replaced by MacBooks because of new technology and features included in the MacBooks. With these new features and new technology, students will have a better learning experience in school. A better learning experience means better grades, a possibly college education, and even graduating from college to ensure a good job. Therefore, the old computers should be replace so we can ultimately create more jobs in our economy, thus helping our economy greatly all because of replacing some computers at a school.
Debate Round No. 1


The truth is, that the MacBooks that are used at schools are far more dangerous, and not defiantly easy to handle, especially when there are kids that are able to use it, and so old computers prevent the dangers of the dropped computers, and they are much more easier to get through.

First of all, there are clumsy kids out there, even a guy dropped his MacBook earlier in the week, and this is the fact that they are able to carry around these laptops wherever they want to in classrooms. This gives higher chances of damaging the computers, having to spend more money to replace them with a new one. And lastly, the mouse and screen. The old computers had large screens for everyone to see the small words fine, but with the MacBooks, there is a higher chance of the small text giving kids hurt eyesight. The mouse, well, there isn't one on the MacBooks, so scrolling through resources is far more difficult to do compared to the older computers with mouses. And thats a true statement because of the time in class people have, the computers are for finding quick and easy resources to search.

Therefore, MacBooks are more complicated to handle.


To start out, I would like to refute my opponent's points and point out flaws in their arguments.

First of all, they have not specified what type of MacBook that the older computers will be replaced with. What are they? MacBook Pros? MacBook Airs? The world may never know. Since the type of MacBook is not specified, I believe this weakens my opponents arguments and the entire topic as a whole.

They said that MacBooks are hard to handle, and that clumsy kids drop them. I do not disagree, however I would like to propose a solution. Put cases on them! It's that simple. So, if the clumsy kids out there drop them, they don't break! It's magic!

They also said that the trackpads are hard to use. I disagree. After a while, you get accustomed to them. I am using a Mac trackpad right now, and it's working fine. It's not hard to use at all!

There is also a money issue, but let's weigh the impacts. Money or education? I'd choose education.

Through the points I have stated, I believe that I have won this debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Pokemonzr 7 years ago
Hmm. Nobody has voted yet, so it it safe to say I win? :P
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Vote Placed by Geogeer 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I thank both sides for debating this issue at their respective ages. Both sides made a fair number of unsubstantiated claims. On the whole I believe than Pro presented a clearer argument.

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