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Should Marijuana be legalized?

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Started: 2/12/2014 Category: Politics
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Should marijuana be legalized?

Na"Yaunte Amos


Should weed be illegal? Does it help? Is it a problem? Marijuana has been proven that it helps cure cancer, and arthritis. Marijuana has been used over 10,000 years with no deaths.


I greatly disagree with the general legalization of marihuana, not only in America but worldwide. I do not consider the use of it being useful or productive, in fact I think that the consumption of weed will only impair ones productiveness.

As an answer to your wonderful statement: "Weed has been used for over 10.000 years without deaths" I highly doubt any source indicates this and I do not even think it is true. But let us assume it is actually true, marihuana is not a direct cause for death, that is almost certain,but an addiction to marihuana will cause the consumer to get attracted to other drugs which will eventually cause social impairment and can result to death in the long run.

So no, marihuana should not be legalized. Nor should it become a tradition.
Debate Round No. 1


NayaunteAphs forfeited this round.


Debate over. Opponent forfeit.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by 4OG2NGK0 6 years ago
Dude weed helps everyone and if u get addicted to weed that's weird cuz u can't... It comes from the world from what ever god u believe in... If ur god didn't want this 'PLANT' on earth it wouldn't be here now would it? Idk about othe people but I do know me and I can't get addicted to anything I find it strange that ppl do get addictions.🌎 🌱. 🌿 🌴
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