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Should Marijuana be legalized?

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Marijuana should be legalized because it is proven that it is much less harmful than legal drugs such as Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pharmaceuticals. Legalizing it will also boost the economy, and allow for more tax breaks, and could help fund healthcare and education. This is because the government can place a tax on marijuana. It also has medical benefits, especially for cancer therapy. Another Pro, it will reduce the amount of people in jail. And it is not a gateway drug, since the Netherlands legalized it a few years ago, use of hard drugs there fell 40-60%. It should be legalized.


I negate the following resolve "should marijuana be legalized" due to the fact that marijuana poses a serous health risk on the human mind and body, but also the financial repercussions on the users and dealers if it was legalized would not be beneficial.

The use of marijuana has short and long term negative effects. The use of the drug would cause the brain to over activate causing the high. Then the user might experience altered senses, altered sense of time, changes in mood, impaired body movements, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, and impaired memory.(this is from,NIH). Marijuana has even greater effects on long term development and has been linked to brain development issues and a lower IQ in teenaged to people as old as 38.(this is also from, and NIH) And if we do legalize marijuana the benefits don't outweigh the cost. In Colorado and Washington the federal government has placed a 70% tax on the drug so the dealers will be losing a lot of money and so will the user. It is estimated that it cost about $20 for a gram of marijuana. This is why I urge a con vote because marijuana has horrible effects on our mind and body,and legalizing won't make it any better for users or dealers and with the only people winning being the federal government.
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Posted by Nataliewardwood 1 year ago
Personally I believe that If a doctor proscribes it for you then it should be okay, even with weed. Also it is proven that it does help people
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