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Should Media Studies Terachers be Allowed to teach English at a Grammar school?

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Started: 3/17/2014 Category: Education
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No, they shouldn't as the one in question may not have any English experience past GCSE level


no meh englih ned no gramma why doth say this, beecoo of irish legend of de mighty ogre. the mighty ogre came and he say" no grammar en english" ai sey dis becus ofttun wee laddeehs trie n' argue with mu grammar and to thum' i jus sey "well boi if ye has got so much of dee breens, wh beith ye a small ogre compared to me massive ogre chained up in me barn!" dis tipe of trategy often deflaties a wee bois will to fight on, soe i seys to the ladee, dont ye admire mah ogre, and he says, then the legends most be true!
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Posted by Ragnar 6 years ago
Spell check.
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