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Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that medical marijuana should be legal. Marijuana is customarily known as a street drug, but in recent years it has gained its credibility as a medication to treat chronic pain and sooth side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. Already 72% of doctors support medical marijuana. Cancer patients had positive feedback when they tried medical marijuana. They said things like "It made me feel like I had an appetite for the first time in probably six months". For the people who benefit from medical marijuana should not be criminalized. Current remedies for pain like Vicodin and Percocet are far more addictive and dangerous. In states where medical marijuana is legalized, doctors have seen a decline in opioid abuse. Making sure people actually need marijuana for medical use and are using it solely for that is where there is a valuable argument. Regulations and government involvement would need to be necessary as with any drug. This also opens up a new industry that could be profitable. There are many ways to consume marijuana than to just smoke it, which is safer to for your lungs. It is unfair to compare the legalization of the medical and recreational use of marijuana, it is a different debate as a whole. The legalization of medical marijuana could steer away from the abuse of opioids and give patients a new way of treatment that has been proven to be effective. It could also change the perception of the drug from a street drug to a medication.


Greetings and Salutations.

I have a curve ball to throw at my opponent as while I am against his position, it is for a different reason. I hope you can either rein in the argument and assert yourself with logic, or roll with the punches and see where it takes us!

I am against "Medical Marijuana" being legalized because it physically doesn't exist. There is no such thing other than a human conjuration of meaning.
What is being depicted as marijuana is in fact Cannabis, or Hemp. A google search for the scientific name of Medical Marijuana, (Ie. the name of the person who discovered the fauna/flora), and you will discover it is something completely different, something that has been slapped onto another flora and passed of as real.

Marijuana itself is part of a slur campaign from the nicotine and cotton industry to destroy Hemp, they renamed Cannabis to Marijuana to confuse people who had used it for generations into thinking some new dangerous 'drug' had been discovered - and successfully throttled any competition to their respective fields. Other indications of this being a slur is in its 'street' name "Weed". That itself conjures up a disgusting image when heard, an unwanted product.
(Note: the articles are biased, I cannot find an open party reference on quick notice )

Cannabis is very real, and can be incredibly beneficial to most human - no... mammals, reptiles, birds and even plants! - as we all have THC receptors that have evolved over generations.

There are strains that have been cultivated to have lower THC levels, so that when ingested - there are less of the "side-effect's" the stoner culture is famous for.
(When I searched to find some links to show, I got a TON of click-bait sites - Washington post, etc. with articles on it that have no basis of proof - However I believe most people have at least heard of this to understand that plant splicing and selective pollination can alter properties of a plant, and that THC is a property if Cannabis.... it can be altered).

Eagerly awaiting my opponents response - Let's do this!
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Posted by whitneyheritage 3 years ago
in my debate, i meant other ways to consume marijuana are safer. not smoking it!
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