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Should Meloetta be 100% female

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Started: 3/17/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It has to be so, because it looks like a female species.


I do agree with you that Meloetta does look female, but there's a lot of Pokemon that should be characterized as one gender, but is either/or. For example, Gardevoir has a 50% chance of being male and female. The same goes for Pokemon such as Machamp and Loppuny. Also, its a mythical Pokemon. The only legendary that have a gender is Manaphy, since it can breed.
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Posted by KingofTheSkullServants 3 years ago
It would be a matter of "What gender do these Pokemon look like?"
Also, can you just imagine the sh*t storm that would ensue if that happens.
Posted by TheMinorMiner99 3 years ago
I agree with CON, I would like Meloetta to be 100% female, but then they have to change ralts, machamp, gothitelle etc.
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