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Should Minors Be Aloud To Drink Alcohol With Their Parents Consent

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Started: 3/21/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I argue for because,

1) They Have Their Parents Consent
2) It's Really No One Else's Business
3) It's Their Choice If They Make The Wrong Decision(Getting drunk, Getting addicted)

But i do see both sides really i do, but overall it's their decision and no one can stop them if they go to far.


Alcohol has been a mildly heated topic of discussion throughout modern history. Prior to scientific and psychological revolutions of thinking, people either perceived it as an indication of high status and flavor or as a drink of sin and temptation. But now, there are a lot more new and factual arguments revolving around this kind of beverage. It is because of these new arguments that I will be inclined to be arguing against the legal permission for minors to drink with their parents consent.

The first point that I have to make is the fragility of adolescents and their human development. Teenagers, and children for that matter, have not yet reached the peak of physiological and mental development. In fact there are a lot aspects of this young population that are still under the short yet crucial stage of growth. The most renown is morals/ethics. Being in the period transitioning from childhood to adulthood, teenagers have trouble and are training to sort out priorities, improve their character, and ultimately differentiate right from wrong. To ALLOW minors the privilege of drinking with their parents consent would greatly undermine their moral upbringing. By giving them this freedom, you are teaching them that they are as much capable of being a citizen as an adult, thus putting them under the illusion that they are ready for life which they are not. For a society to function properly, you need to draw a line between age groups. When that line begins to blur, or disappears completely, problems will occur in which privileges that are shared by both adults and teenagers are being exercised, but only the parents hold the responsibilities and duties accompanied with that privilege (if that makes sense...) Another moral consequence resulting from minors being allowed to drink is the increased chances of them being exposed to more dangerous substances like drugs. Teenagers who drink alcohol are 50% more likely to try drugs like cocaine than those who never use alcohol. There are other components to the premature development of adolescents, but I'll save it for the next round.
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Posted by Nartnod7875 3 years ago
Thanks. : )
Posted by Bella_Is_A_McChicken 3 years ago
Well, just by reading those two arguments, it's pretty obvious who won this debate. Well done, Nartnod7875. *applause*
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