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Should NATO put combat troops in Ukraine

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Started: 5/3/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I noticed that some people voted yes on this poll, so I would like to hear their arguments; And of course, present counter-arguments.
You may start right away, or use first round as acceptance only, I don't mind it.


I'm in a similar debate, and like I said there, last time we didn't look out for another country the Second World War happened. That why we need to do everything in our power to help Ukraine.
Debate Round No. 1


You are suggesting more countries should join the war in order to prevent it from becoming a world war. Position you are coming from is a position of arrogance. US is not ruler of the world. It is a country just like every other.
War is currently between Russia and Ukraine. Only way for it to expand further is for other countries to take sides.
Even if every other country in the world was at war, as longs as no NATO's countries are attacked, NATO has no right to interfere.
Reason why not just WW II, but every other international war happened is because some rulers wanted more control.


I'll tell you I'm not a fan of my own country which is the US. This is coming from a point of view that I like to take, which is the weak nation getting bullied by bigger ones. For example I disagreed with the Iraqi War. We went in there because someone said "They have weapons of mass destruction(nukes)" My country did not think twice. No further investigation, and you know what? Iraq was clean, for the most part anyway. The middle eastern countries were the victim here, and now the Ukraine. I don't care about my country being the leader of the world, I want to see Ukraine safe and sound.
Debate Round No. 2


You want to see Ukraine safe and sound? Interesting. Putin said same thing: "I want to see Crimea safe and sound".
Maybe you care about safety, but none Russian, US or EU leaders do. What they care about is oil and gas. And that is what this war is all about.
There is no victim and bully here. There is only two sides fighting for resources.
People in every nation at war believe their reasons for killing other nation's people are pure and just. The right thing to do for people in US is to make sure their troops are home. Right thing for Russian people is to make sure their troops are at home; Let's give them example, not war.


Your right. I just look at the news and war looks more and more possible over there. I'm just saying if Russia starts fighting Ukraine that someone needs to help them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Charliemouse 7 years ago
you guys are bloody stupid. you need sources!!! the burning building in Odessa was lit by Russians sent in there to stage YET ANOTHER video of havoc in Ukraine. there is clear footage of the accused group of people throwing up ropes and setting up make-shift frames as ladders to help people down. Russia does this all the time, sends in their people to stir crap up then send the footage to news agencies to blame it on Ukraine. also, Crimea "wanted to join" Russia because most of the people there are Russian! however it gives Russia no bloody right. if the Crimeans wanted to live in Russia then why is it that only 200 people registered for Russian passports two months after Russia took over? that's only two people from each town and the whole surrounding area which Russia took. the pro Russians and the pro eauros should piss off east and west to their beloved countries and leave my country, my home, MY UKRAINE the hell alone!!!! so the real, true Ukrainians can stay and rebuild our country. America is the last country I want to see getting involved. and I hope Russia burns.
Love you Ukraine, forever <3
Posted by revic 7 years ago
Putin has not stopped delivering gas or anything else to Ukraine. They are free to still buy from Russia, even Western Ukraine. So there is no pressure, exept that Putin would rather have all the Ukrainian export go to Russia (beneficial for BOTH countries) than see Ukraine make bad deals with the EU.

Should we help Ukraine? Ofcourse. Should we send troops? No. You can always give a country financial support, but Russia's financial support was way better.

Besides, Putin is not launching invasions or attacks: he is defending the people that need protection. By putting troops in Ukraine, NATO will be helping the ATTACKING party. Hundreds of civilians are dying in Ukraine because of the lack of control on the western side. NATO is simply there to let pro-russians die. Solid video and photographic evidence can be found on the internet daily. In that, we see how pro-russians are left to die in a burning building and how Ukrainians (including police!) doesn't lift a finger.

If NATO sends troops, it should be to stop these cruelties rather than to aid those who do nothing but stimulate the continue of this madness.
Posted by Only-Human 7 years ago
Yea but if the eastern part of Ukraine falls into Russia hands( most of eastern Ukraine is pro Russia ) would deprive western Ukraine of domestic supplies and food. It doesn't matter if they wanted to join or not, Russia is putting pressure on eastern Ukraine. The only reason there are so many pro Russians there is because it was part of the USSR back in the day. All saying is that we need to help Ukraine all we can instead of turning the other way. ( I wasn't comparing Russia to Nazi Germany, I was saying last time a large number of countries, like France and England, didn't take immediate action, crap hit the fan pretty quickly.
Posted by revic 7 years ago
The comparison of Russia to Nazi Germany by "pro" is stupid: Crimea WANTED to join Russia, and thus far no claim has been laid on any more of Ukraine's territory. With Nazi Germany, they annexed countries that did not wish to be annexed.
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